Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Mpumiro - Namutumba

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2019-10-11

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Tom Ngobi
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2019-10-21 19:49:12 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2019-10-21 20:01:19 UTC
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10:35-17:45 (7 h 10 m)
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22:41-15:20 (-8 h 39 m)
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14 h 31 m

Household visits

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Tomcheck on sanitation and hygiene improvements 
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Tom Ngobi 
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LC1,VHT,Police Officer 
Tom made a visit to a Mpumiro village to check in sanitation and hygiene improvements. When he arrived in the village, his program was affected by rain which forced him to spend about Ann hour in the chairman’s home so it could stop. After it had slowed down, the chairman suggested that they drive to the secretary’s home so we pick him up and start moving around. When they started moving, they had moved in 8 homes when the rain started again which forced them to seek shelter in one of the residents shelter houses. They waited it out until it slowed down. While they were waiting for the rains to stop, they shared about how the iron sheet contributions are going. The secretary said that only 5 people had contributed in cash while many people had promised to pay. Tom encouraged him to visit those residents so that they can make a down payment which will motivate them to finish with the payments. After the rains had stopped, Tom, the chairman and the secretary moved to the upper section and visited 5 homes there. Two of the homes had new pits but one had collapsed in due to rains. There was also an old latrine that had sunk in and Tom and the committee members encouraged the resident to start on a new pit. In other home, Tom and the committee members were encouraging residents to continue improving on their sanitation and hygiene as well as making improvements on their existing facilities. Due to the rains threatening to start again, Tom left for jinja. 
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2019-10-28 - Purpose: To take kibo visitors
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