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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-10-18

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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What are Gender Roles?,Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
To remind the community of the different roles required by them as men and women and if they were practicing these roles
Introduction Lorna went to Kigalama B and here she was teaching on Gender roles and responsibilities. Gender roles and responsibilities is a very sensitive topic especially because people were used to doing things in a certain way. Overview Lorna along with a Sarah went to Kavule where she taught on Gender roles and responsibilities which was a followup lesson from the previous one where they looked at challenges affecting both men and women in their homes. All the challenges mentioned were issues of gender roles. The lesson started late however because the government is carrying out the mass immunization program therefore the whole village were taking their children to get immunized. This was true because this immunization was carried out in the former meeting place where Lorna held the meetings. At about 2pm Lorna decided to start the lesson where she brought with her 2 Manila cards and 2markers which they were going to use to list down both roles of women and men in their respective families and society. The Manila cards were blue and pink and so Lorna asked them which one should we use for women and they said pink.Lorna then asked which one do they use for men they said blue. Lorna then said why women pink and they said because women should always be bright hence pink. One man then said even a man needs to look good and they can if they wore pink too. This brought us to the discussion of the day whereby Lorna said Gender has defined us in many different ways like what men and women should wear, the jobs men and women should do. However in this lesson, she told them that they were going to look at roles of both women and men.Lorna started with the women and they started one by one mentioning the roles they play in their homes which included, raising children, cooking food, fetching water, collecting firewood, digging, serving visitors, active in church, sweeping the yard, cleaning the house, washing clothes among others. Lorna then got another chart and asked the men what their roles were; they mentioned Digging, providing for the family, protection, washing clothes, grazing, building houses, digging latrines. It was found out that some of the roles were shared. Although when Lorna asked the women whether the men were doing all of this, some said yes and some said no. Lorna mentioned it is true that our culture has defined roles for us like what a man should do and what a woman should do but for the sake of the wellbeing and happiness of our families, it is okay to help each other especially when the woman has a lot of work to do. One man mentioned that for him , he helps his wife for example if she is cooking, he will wash clothes which led to other men arguing but he said we could ask his wife who was in the meeting too and nodded. He continued and urged fellow men that it is not that you will be less of a man if you help around home. He said he can also cook however other men fear that if they were caught by their friends in the kitchen they would laugh at them but he encouraged the community that all of this is based on the love in the home. If both man and woman, husband and wife love each other and cooperate then this would not be an issue.Lorna asked the parents that who talks to their children concerning sexual matters they mentioned girls their mothers and boys their fathers. Lorna said that is okay but children need both parents and if both parents are agreeing on the same thing then the point will be carried across but if we live the girls to their mother when they go out there and find a man who will show her love and care and she has been missing this at home, she will tend to trust this man since he is the only man in his life. Lorna therefore encouraged both parents to talk to both their children. Conclusion Lorna encouraged both men and women who had not been fulfilling their roles and responsibilities to do so and also help each other, share roles as it will only bring joy and harmony in the family. Also because whatever the children see their parents doing , they will also do for example if the father is treating the mother differently they grow up knowing that that is exactly what a bot or girl should do but if they see their parents working together, this will impact their lives differently. 
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2019-11-09 - Purpose: Lorna will be continuing with gender roles and how they have affected us today.
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9319 Some of the women raising up their hands when asked if they perform their roles as was the topic of the day.
9325 Sheikh also commenting on the topic of the day