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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2019-10-23

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Health lesson 7: AIDS/HIV 
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Irene went to Budumba to continue with the sexually transmitted diseases and this time taught about the transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Irene started with a review of the previous lesson and then asked the members what they understand by HIV/AIDS Otim gave his understanding as an infection that has no cure but can be passed on from one person to another, Mai said its an infection transmitted through sexual relations with an infected person, and many more as discussed. After the understanding of the lesson to be discussed Irene asked the members the different ways through which it’s spread,mother to her baby Nabirye said, sharing cups, clothes and utensils, with this Irene asked the community members if they really believed that it can be transmitted through sharing but with different views members reached an understanding that HIV is not spread through sharing utensils and clothes but through constant with blood of an infected person and that of some one who is not infected. Then the members also discussed about the different ways they can avoid the infection which also included behavioral change, one sexual partner, routine testing among others. And with that the community members asked questions from how to access the drugs, the time period for one to convert, if there is cure,and many more which were discussed and Irene promised to add on the lesson the next time they meet. 
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Health Education 
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Yes, different members have gone to the health centers to seek medical help after realizing that the different urinary tract diseases affecting them can be cured. 
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2019-10-30 - Purpose: Continue with HIV/AIDS lesson
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