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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-10-23

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Lesson Taught
What are Gender Roles?,Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
To know the society’s expectations of young boys and girls in terms of their gender.
Introduction Lorna went to this village to continue with Relationship Skills teaching on Gender and Culture. How much does culture impact our gender roles and responsibilities. Overview Lorna on arrival went straight to the Life Skills class where she met them giving out their books. However she was shortly interrupted by the Headteacher who apologized for interrupting her class but needed to find out something from them. One of the boy pupils had picked a stick and hit a girl on her leg. This girl was in the Life Skills class. He asked the rest of the children how everything transpired and they told him so they punished him in front of the whole class because the girls leg was bleeding. He promised never to do it again. Lorna told the class not to be violent to each other. Lorna then told teacher Peninah to take the class through the preview of the previous which was on Gender roles and responsibilities, after which Lorna introduced the topic of the day. On this Lesson they looked at Gender and culture whereby , they looked at the communities expectation of young boys and girls in the community. This is in terms of what they are supposed to do , say and what they were not supposed to do or say according to culture and community standards. They started by defining what ideal and real images were whereby, Ideal images are the images expected of a man or woman/ boy or girl in the community. Real images are where the persons stand is on what is expected of them. This was mainly a discussion and was meant to be carried out in groups of girls and boys under their respective ages. Lorna divided the class boys alone girls alone in their respective ages and asked them to discuss what is expected of them by culture.In the groups they were to discuss and then come in front of the class and discuss their answers to the rest of the class. All groups were able to present. Some of the answers given were girls were not allowed to peel while sitting, girls are supposed to know how to cook, should not eat certain foods like chicken as it was for the men to eat, should not greet while standing, should not stand while urinating, should not stand while eating, should respect one another, should not climb trees, should not sit together with her father, should not sit on a chair, a girl should help her parents in domestic work , not riding bicycles among others , girls were not allowed to do hard work as they are considered weak,.. The boys on the other hand were also able to discuss what was expected of them as boys like;brick laying, digging latrines, grazing animals, digging, not to cook as it is for girls, be at school and perform well , collecting firewood which the girls shouted and said no they don’t collect firewood and even they don’t help them fetch water.After the discussions Lorna thanked the pupils and told them that as they mentioned we realize that culture has expectations of girls and boys and sometimes this affects us in the future concerning the roles we do like professionally. Lorna said that culture is good however because it shapes us to become responsible members of the community but let it not limit them as boys and girls. She said that because women are meant to be in the kitchen, produce children does not mean they cannot become teachers, doctors which are said to be men’s jobs. They mentioned examples of even their mothers grazing, ridding bicycles even with children on the back, doing jobs which was thought only men could do, there even women in leadership roles now, they were not allowed to speak out before but now they do.Times are changing Conclusion After the lesson, Lorna met with all pupils that did not have uniform as to why they did not have uniform. Some said their uniforms got torn because they were old, others said that their parents said they don’t have money. One boy however mentioned that him he lives with his grand mother and she cannot buy him the uniform. Lorna asked where his parents were and he said his dad does not care about him and his mother left and married off else where. Lorna asked who then pays his requirements and he said a friend of his a Senior four dropout who told him he knows the value of education and is willing to help him. Lorna will talk more to this boy and ask the dad to be responsible for his son. 
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2019-10-25 - Purpose: They will look at some of the cultural songs , sayings that also defined gender roles and then look at Bride price. Lorna will Aldo be teaching the last lesson Gender and the question of Bride Price.
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9398 Teacher Penina during the review of the previous lesson
9401 These were 13,14 year old boys discussing about what is expected of them in the community.
9404 At the corner were 12,13 and 14 year old girls discussing what is expected of them as girls in their age bracket in their community.
9407 16,17,18 both boys and girls also discussing what is expected of their age group and sex in the community.