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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-10-28

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Manuela Ongyera
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2019-11-20 07:41:51 UTC
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Manuela Ongyera
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2019-11-20 07:59:14 UTC
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09:10-15:46 (6 h 36 m)
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11:20-13:20 (2 h 0 m)
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4 h 36 m

Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To give the pupils post test.
Manuela went to this school to give pupils post test of the previous lesson taught, giving pupils post test, this exercise helps the life skills teacher to understand if the pupils understood the previous lesson. When Manuela reached the school, she went direct to life skills class, she found pupils seated waiting for the Manuela to give them test, Manuela greeted them and requested them to put their books aside, after that she gave them post test as pupils were writing, Manuela was monitoring them and also encouraging them to write properly. This exercise lasted for one and half hour, and after that, she asked the pupils if they have finished, they said yes and Manuela collected the papers, Manuela asked them how was the test? They said good. Finally Manuela told the pupils that on the 15/11/2019 there will be an exhibition, in another school called Nawaikona Primary School, she went on and told them that they will be traveling there, so she advised the to prepare for that day, kids were very excited to hear that, she also told them on that day they perform all what they have learnt in poems, drama and music and dance so that the rest of the pupils and community members who did not attend this class can learn from there. 
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2019-11-21 - Purpose: To give general test.
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9608 Manuela is monitoring the pupils as they write their test.
9611 Manuela was reading the questions for the pupils.