Community Empowerment - Buluvu - Namutumba

Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2019-11-27

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2019-11-28 08:31:26 UTC
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Bible Lesson 4: Loving others 
Ida went to Buluvu to teach about Loving others. But before the lesson for the day, she previewed the previous lesson which was well driven. She used a story of the Good Samaritan which touched many. Some members said that they give to only those who will pay back because these people give those who give them. Ida asked the community to tell her the kind of people they usually help. Kansiime said that her relatives, Kwagala said that church members, Prossy said that her children and in-laws. Ida reminded the community what the Good Samaritan did. He helped the victim not because they were related, nor were they from the same village and tribe. She also encouraged the community not to be like the son who remained at home. This son who stayed at home lost the point because he became jealous. Hamza admitted that they are even more because when one of community members comes back from exile, in stead of rejoicing they become jealous and some leave and go. We should be people who feel happy for our neighbors and people who decide immediately just as the lost son did. He realized his status and made a step and walked to the father and asked for forgiveness. The father is ready to receive us no matter what. However much we stink God is waiting for us to make a step, His hands are widely open waiting to hug us and give us new clothes. The community pledged to help others without expecting anything in return Ida gave the community some homework to go and help like the Good Samaritan did. 
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2019-12-18 - Purpose: To teach about the “Tongue “
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