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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-11-25

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Effective Communication and Listening,Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
-Identify challenges affecting both men and women in their homes and community as a whole.
Introduction Lorna went to Kigalama to introduce Relationship Skills. Relationship skills entails people working together in harmony. Overview When Lorna arrived the village there were no people at the meeting place. Lorna waited for about an hour and they were not showing up and just when she was thinking of giving up a big number of youth showed up and after this, they decided to start the lesson since time had gone. The lesson however took a different turn where instead of introducing the new topic Lorna decided to turn the focus on the youth .She started by thanking them for coming and the discipline begun by Lorna asking the challenges that the youth are currently facing. They mentioned unemployment being the biggest challenge for them where they said that other youth from different places get projects and funds but as for them they are forgotten. Lorna asked why this was so was it because they were disorganized? , they said no but that their youth leader is the one failing them and everyone seemed to agree with this. Lorna said but she also heard that they were misbehaving by smoking weed, and they even added smoking feces which Lorna was shocked by this. They however said for them who attended the meeting they don’t do it. Lorna then asked where they spend most of their time and they said playing football. Lorna asked what else are they doing together as the youth, they said they have a savings scheme. Lorna told them this was great they have something going and they should continue in it and in fact find something else that they can do together instead of waiting for the government schemes. She also mentioned maybe they should change their leadership and also asked for what other skills they have that can help them make money as they wait on the government Incase there is anything like a fund, it gets the, halfway. Lorna also engaged the youth and mothers in terms of good communication. She asked them how easy it was for the youth/ teens to have conversations with their parents and vice versa. The parents said the youth are big headed and sometimes shout at them. The youth however said it’s easier to talk to one parent preferably the man and then the man/father will talk to the mother/wife. Lorna advised the youth to listen to their parents and stay away from trouble. Lorna also mentioned that they should keep themselves safe and avoid getting infected with HIV/AIDS as the prevalence is high among the youth. Lorna advised them to spend their time wisely and thanked them that football brings them together and she asked that they use this space to also discuss issues affecting them. By this time it was getting late however, Lorna decided to introduce Relationship Skills and informed the community members on what they will be looking at like; Gender roles and responsibilities,importance of relating well with each other,gender and culture,managing emotions. Lorna told them that this was what they meant to look at and mentioned that for a place to develop there needs to be good working relationships and that it starts in our homes. Conclusion Unfortunately the day did not go as planned but also it was a great space to acknowledge the youth and engage with them in their day to day life. They will start from here with a Relationship Skills. 
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2019-12-05 - Purpose: Teach Relationship skills; Challenges affecting men and women in the community and Gender roles
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