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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-11-29

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Relationship Skills: Managing Emotions 
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Learning Objectives
To learn how to control our emotions
Introduction Lorna went to teach on managing emotions. The emotion they focused on was Anger. When we do not have control over Anger and instead let it control us , it becomes a dangerous and can lead one to doing or saying something they wasn’t meant to be. Overview Lorna started with a play where she asked the participants to make two lines and do whatever it takes to ensure that their line was the longest doing whatever it takes. They went ahead and made the lines and tried to use whatever they could to make the lines longer than the other. They went ahead and even put jerrycans , basins, logs which was done by one of the groups. This skit was to show them how much they can do when they work well together. Today Lorna concluded the topic of the importance and strategies of working well together. This community has not been very good at working well together since they have a lot of jealousy, hatred, unresolved things. That’s why this topic stretched on for a while as Lorna was trying to lead them to a place where they can work together for the betterment of their community. Today during the review of the previous lesson, some people suggested doing things together like ; reconstructing their dish racks, rubbish pits going home to home for those that attended the meeting and another one mentioned working on their road but this one the members suggested they do the facilities first. Lorna suggested the borehole fence and left it up to them. They them looked at the topic of the day Anger Management. Lorna asked who in the group has been angry before?. They all raised their hands. Lorna said we are all human therefore it is inevitable to be angry since it’s human. However Anger has made people do things that they did not intend like murder, saying things that cannot be taken back, creating enemies among others. Therefore if we developed strategies to manage this anger it would be better off.They mentioned talking straight forward to the one that angered them and apologizing if necessary, involving others in the matter if it goes beyond the two people, digging, praying, taking a walk, keeping oneself busy among others. Lorna mentioned listening to music, thinking of good things in that situation, finding what the cause of the matter is before , listening to the other party understanding where they are coming from. Conclusion Lorna told them of the promiscuous lady in the Bible whom the community wanted to stone to death because they were tired of her deeds but when they brought them to Jesus, he asked if anyone had not sinned let him be the first to cast the stones. What happened next was everyone dropped their stones and off they went. Lorna asked them if Jesus was not there in this scenario what would have happened. Therefore she encouraged them to think before they act to avoid regrets. 
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