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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-11-26

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
- To identify the roles and responsibilities of men and women in their homes and community as a whole. - Encourage sharing of gender roles.
Introduction Lorna went to Kigalama Primary School to continue with the discussion on Relationship Skills. Overview Lorna was in Sabagabo (Kigalama A) to continue with the previous discussion on gender roles and responsibilities. The meeting started with a word of prayer and Lorna asked 3 people to remind her and the whole group what they learnt about previously.After the preview , they went on with the lesson of the day. The lesson was a continuation of the previous topic gender roles and responsibilities. They looked at the different gender roles where Lorna asked the women to tell her what their roles and responsibilities were at home. They were not so much open about what they do which made Lorna think either they don’t do much according to what was expected of them leaving it mostly to their children or their husbands. However later they started to open up about their roles giving examples like; cooking, washing clothes, washing dishes ,collecting firewood fetching water among others. On the issue of washing clothes, one man added that they forgot to mention ironing the clothes which the women nodded. It was now the men’s turn where different men mentioned their roles like one Bageya said that his role is to see to it that his family discusses everything together as a man, another said that his is to protect the family, provide, pay tuition, rearing animals,ensure a roof under their head among others. When it came to domestic work ,Lorna asked about sharing roles where she asked can’t a man help to do the house chores like sweeping the yard, fetching water or even cooking food?. Unfortunately the number of men was not well represented. The vice chairman asked to say something he spoke on the side of me advising them by giving his own story and he said if he was lying , his wife would confirm. He said him in his home one can find him sweeping the yard, washing clothes, collecting firewood even cook because when he was young, his parents instilled that in him and would always focus on the boys more than the girls in terms of chores so that they would learn that even men can do these chores. He urged fellow men to copy his example and not think because it is believed men should act and do things in a certain way so should they. Lorna thanked him so much and actually told him that this was the intention of the lesson and that he had simplified her work. She added by encouraging men to help their wives at home and even though not everyday but whenever they can . She also encouraged the women not to take their husbands for granted when they help them with chores and urged them not to call them names but appreciate them. On behalf of the children and youth Sheikh mentioned that their role as boys need to listen and respect their parents, help with house chores like digging, fetching water, sweeping the yard among others. Lorna urged parents to teach both their children boys and girls these chores so they don’t have issues with this in the future. Conclusion Lorna urged them to practice these in their homes and not to mind what other people are doing in their homes then maybe others will copy from them.She thanked the youth for coming and urged them to behave themselves since its school break and also Kakose a VHT added that when they go out to play football not to take long there but also hurry to help at home. 
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2019-12-04 - Purpose: Continue with the discussion on the importance of working well together and teach on gender and culture.
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9803 This man is a sheikh and as a youth he was advising fellow youth on their roles and responsibilities at home and community.