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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-12-11

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
To remind the parents of their roles and responsibilities and the importance of having good relations with others.
Introduction Lorna’s plan was to remind the parents their responsibilities towards their family, children and also reemphasize gender roles and responsibilities. Overview Today was quite a tricky day yet a day of celebration for the women in Kigalama Sabagabo Local council. This function did not start until it was 4pm which was not what Lorna anticipated. Lorna thought it was going to start early so that she would have quite sometime to pass on her message for the day however, it did not happen as was planned. Over 50 women and 20 men were in attendance. This savings group is called kuboneraku literally meaning “ to see from” or to copy from or emulate”. A group of over 50 women put their monies together and at the end of the year they give to one person and the rest of the members give the celebrant gifts. A member of this group however is supposed to have all the required sanitation facilities in a home and is even awarded marks like Kakose was awarded in which most of her facilities were at an average percentage of 90. One of the invited guests a Reverend when he was given the opportunity to speak, he expressed his joy saying that long time women were known for just sitting home and doing nothing but cooking but hardly contributed towards the wellbeing of the family but these days the women are coming up in groups and not only waiting for the men to bring something to the table. He encouraged Kakose that when another persons turn reached , she should do as has been done to her. After the Reverends speech, the chairman was also invited to say something. He welcomed the community members and appreciated the women for all their efforts to see that their families are not lagging behind. The chairman did not say much as he called Lorna as the next speaker because it was coming to rain and Lorna had informed him that they would soon leave. Lorna was then invited to speak to the community members. Lorna greeted the community members and thanked them for coming togethe4vto celebrate one of their members. She mentioned that this was what they learnt under Relationship Skills Test out of working together something happens and this was an example of it. She also thanked Kakose for relating well with others and because of this she got many friends . She added if Kakose did not have a good working relationship with the community members, no one would have been able to turn up. She reminded them no man is an island and therefore we all need each other in order to develop. She also mentioned that now even the women can bring something to the table and not just the men. Because time had gone, Lorna finished by saying that they should all be proud of themselves this day and to know for sure that what they are doing now the children are watching and there will be a time when they will say our parents did such things therefore we can also come together as do something for ourselves. Conclusion It was running late and the rains were coming therefore Lorna did not get to dig deeper into what she planned on teaching. She will however start here next year as Life Skills phases out of Kigalama 
Next Visit
2019-12-18 - Purpose: Life Skills is coming to an end in this village. Lorna will visit at the beginning of the year to review all lessons and encourage the community to practice all that they have learnt as well as , teach other community members that missed the lessons.
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9905 Lorna addressing the community members
9914 The Reverend opened with a word of praying
9920 In this savings group each community member is required to have all the sanitation facilities ; from latrines to shower areas, dishracks, rubbish pits among others .