Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ibaako

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2019-11-29

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Tom Ngobi
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2019-12-12 20:33:07 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2019-12-12 20:59:05 UTC
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10:15-19:55 (9 h 40 m)
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12:10-17:30 (5 h 20 m)
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4 h 20 m

Large group meetings

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David Balimunsi,Martin Kibuuka,Steven Kambale,Tom Ngobi 
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LC1,LC2,VHT,Parish Councillor 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
Lesson Taught
triggering,hand washing 
Kibo staff members went to Ibaako village to conduct triggering. When they arrived in the village, they found some of the drama group members entertaining residents through songs and dance. Some of the village leaders were moving around the village mobilizing residents to come on time to the triggering. Also, most of the schools were closing for holidays so some of the residents had gone to the schools to collect their children. After most residents had gathered, the triggering session started off with the chairman inviting and welcome kibo staff to his village. He advised the residents to listen and learn from kibo staff for whatever they were going to talk about. The triggering session was started off by Davis taking the village through the different stages of triggering were he talked about the walk as well as talking about the results of the baseline survey. He also took them through diseases spread or caused by poor sanitation and hygiene standards as well as how to prevent the diseases. He went on to also take the residents through the different facilities in a home as regards sanitation and hygiene. He took the resident through the facility standards. Tom took the residents through the different calculations of medical expenses as well as death due to poor sanitation and hygiene. Tom after also took them through another session of triggering which was hand washing. He demonstrated using water, eggs and ash. Residents were able to see that its was only by washing their hands with soap that they could make their hands clean. Later Tom demonstrated how to construct the hand washing stand. David and Martin also participated in the triggering session as well at different stages. The chairman was very thankful at the end oof the session to kibo for going to their village to help them improve there sanitation and hygiene. He also advised the residents to do also work and improve on their homes by constructing the facilities. 
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2019-12-04 - Purpose: To check on new facility constructions and improvements that the residents are doing
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9932 Residents listening to David as he takes them through the different stages of triggering
9935 A lady showing the residents the egg during the triggering in hand washing
9938 David showing the residents some of the water from the hand washing triggering
9941 Tom handing over tools to the chairman and the committee members