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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-11-29

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bukhudumira Primary School 
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Disease Progression and Positive Behaviour 
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Learning Objectives
To teach the community members about disease Progression.
Manuela went to Bukoma A . To teach about the community members about diseases Progression, fortunately, Manuela found when the community have gathered in one place waiting for car because they where going somewhere for some party, Manuela used that chance to teach the community members it was a good day for Manuela in that village. Manuela started by asking them that what is Disease Progression, one of the members knew the answers, but cut to time Manuela went on and explained to the community members that it means the time of infection and the time when an individual start showing signs and symptoms that are associated with Aids. Manuela went on and asked them that how many people think about test to know their status, it was only one person out many people, then asked how about the rest they told Manuela that they fear to know their status because they will worrying about their lives and their children and other family members. During this season, Manuela advised the members to go for an HIV test because it is better to know whether they are sick or not, then she taught them about the three stages of disease Progression, she stated with Window periods, she said this is the the initial stage when some one has just got the virus, she went on and told them that during this time it is even hard for the HIV virus to detected positive because at that point it will be showing antibodies. Incubation period, Manuela went on and also explained to the members that there is also a second stage called incubation period, she said, during this period, it is the time when the virus is multiplying in the blood stream and if the HIV positive person fails to go for early treatment then this person can graduate to AIDs and she or he will die. During this time victim test positive. Honeymoon period, after explaining the above stage, she told them that there is one also called Honeymoon period that during this period it’s the stage when the HIV positive person is living in good tears with the virus simply because they started treatment early enough, taking their medication in times, eating well balanced diet food praying to God and also doing the regular exercise all this practice can enable the person to live in harmony with HIV virus. Reactions There was lost of questions for example one woman said that she has ever told the husband that they should for an HIV test but he keeps on changing that next, next time that what can she do? Manuela told her not give up in telling him, if he fails to comply let her go alone then the doctor will write to him then he will accept. Another person asked that why is it some people die very fast when they get the virus and other take long they also gave an example of a certain man who have lived with the virus for over 30 yers ....Manuela responded that basing on her explanation on the last stage , if a person practice all that she mentioned then that person can live even more than that. Finally, their car arrived and they went but it was a good day for her, unfortunately she for got to some pictures next time better. 
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