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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-12-16

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
To understand the relation between Gender and culture and how the latter influences Gender.
Introduction Lorna went to here to continue with the topic Relationship Skills but teaching the subtopic Gender and culture. Overview Lorna started the meeting by thanking the community members for loving the program and for turning up for the program meetings when’re called upon although they joked about them not keeping time. Lorna then did a review of the previous topic and encouraged them to keep practicing everything they learnt. She told them that it’s a process and it doesn’t take overnight for these things to happen or for relationships to become better overnight but one has to be willing to try. After the review, she introduced the lesson of the day Gender and Culture. Lorna started by reminding them what Gender refers to as the state of being male or female. She continued by saying that there are a lot of things that culture and society defines or requires of a man or a woman. Lorna asked the community if there were some stories or cultural sayings that say what a woman is meant to do or a man. That is in terms of how they should act like, talk like, behave among others. Lorna asked the community members what some of these things are and they mentioned for the women are ; greeting while kneeling, peeling bananas while kneeling, not talking out loud as a woman since your voice should not be heard out loud, cooking food, taking care of the children, if the child was bad mannered, it was pinned on the woman as if the man had no role to play int he child’s life. For the men was ; they needed to provide for their family, protect them, they are exempted from some work for example a man that cooks can be termed as “less of a man”, he cannot lack or not have a job else his wife will belittle him and the community as well , his free to go roam up and about in the trading center but the women are required to go to the center and straight back home among others. Lorna said who started all these things and they said their forefathers. Lorna asked how many are happy with the way things are going? They were a bit skeptical but Lorna told them times are changing whereby there are families headed by women which was not the case where women are the bread winners. She also mentioned that both parents are required in raising their children and should not be left to one person. Lorna mentioned that back in the day women only sat on the ground but today look at how many women are sitting on chairs. She told the women that men should be given room to fail but keeping them at a certain standard because that is what is expected of the pm by culture/society sometimes pushes them to act in a certain way that is not pleasant because they are trying everything to make ends meet. Lorna therefore urged the women to help out at home and asked the men to support them. Sheik had talked to Lorna before having been a part of a child’s right initiative, Lorna therefore requested him to talk to the community members about this. He thanked Lorna for the opportunity and he delivered his message to the community where he taught the parents on the rights of children and their responsibility towards their children. Lorna found this as an opportunity to pass on this message to the community and why not through the community members themselves. Conclusion Lorna thanked the community members for coming once again and told them that Life Skills is coming to a close and that in 2020 they will come together and together phase this program out. She wished them a merry Christmas and Happy New year 2020. 
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2020-01-10 - Purpose: Continue mobilizing the community and to attend the last meeting set for Monday 13
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9974 Lorna teaching on Gender and culture
9977 The man standing in a black court was talking to the parents and youth on their responsibilities towards their children.