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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-12-16

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
Lesson Taught
Relationship Skills: Gender Roles,Relationship Skills: Managing Emotions 
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Learning Objectives
To know how culture influences gender
Introduction Lorna went to teach on Gender and culture and how Gender is influenced by culture. Overview Lorna went to teach on Gender and culture but before teaching this lesson, she felt the urge to sensitive parents on playing their role in talking and instilling disciple and skills in their children. This came up after the previous lesson after talking to the children. From the feedback got , it was discovered that there were some things that are being underlooked by the parents of this children and yet are important in the lives of these young children. Lorna talked on personal hygiene as this was observed on that day ,she told the parents that children have a right to play and get dirty but they need to bathe and also have clean clothes, she also mentioned brushing of their teeth since the children mentioned that they don’t brush their teeth. She told the parents they don’t need to have a tooth paste or tooth brush but the local sticks from the tree. She mentioned however that the parents needed to do these things though as their children are watching else they will question them that why don’t they do it. She urged them to teach them stealing is bad even though it’s a small thing as the vice can grow and just taking someone’s thing that is not there’s. Also to talk to them about moving about aimlessness, talk to them about girls and relationships as their is a time for everything and it is not yet their time. She also encouraged them to check on their school work and provide basic needs among others. She told them it is therefore their role as parents to see to it that their children’s needs are taken care of as required if them and this entails parents both working together and not just one side. On the topic of the day Gender and culture, Lorna explained what the topic was about and asked the community members to give examples of how culture has influenced gender. She broke it down and asked them what society’s expectation of both men and women are that is what they are required to say, how they are required to behave, what they are required to do and not to do. They were able to give various examples from both the women and men. Lorna asked whether some of these things still apply in this era some said they do others said they don’t. Lorna asked them how they feel now as women participating in meetings, sitting on chairs as was not the case before. Should it have stated that way or that it is great things changed.They mentioned that it feels good that now they can speak out more and about sitting down they said they still sit down as a sign of respect especially to their husbands and elders but not as nice as before. Also they looked at sharing roles and responsibilities as men and women for the betterment of their family. Lorna asked them that times are changing and even though some things are hard their is need to embrace the new things or at least find a way in which they can accommodate these changes . They talked about women’s roles being only to stay home, in the kitchen and how these have changed although some men still don’t allow their wives to work. Lorna urged to work together so that if there was something missing at home at least the other person can fill that void. They talked about dress codes and how more people are wearing casual clothes then Gomesis. On the part of women speaking up now does not mean that they should be violent in their speech but respectful. Conclusion She finished by saying the picture that culture has defined for both women and men are not the real ideal images as women are expected to look after children, be polite , submissive, undemanding and yet the reality is they have too many children, no ,only to spend , no personal freedom, abusedamong others. The men on the other hand are given the image of ; head of family, breadwinners, deserves respect and yet the reality is they have a job or are struggling to make ends meet, too many mouths to feed, limited income among others. She reemphasized working together hence sharing gender roles and being able to talk about these things openly. 
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2020-01-13 - Purpose: On this day all 3 Lcs will convene and together they will go through all the topics that were taught and also this day will mark the last day of Life Skills in this village.
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