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Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2020-01-10

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Ida Bazonoona
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2020-01-13 12:17:58 UTC
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Ida Bazonoona
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2020-01-14 10:21:20 UTC
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10:30-18:10 (7 h 40 m)
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Poultry Day 2 
Ida went to Kitukiro to teach continue with the chicken lesson about hatching. She encouraged the community to first love their chickens before they do anything. Help prepare a laying center, buy a pencil for marking the eggs with dates everyday and get a basket or tray where marked eggs will be kept. When chickens have stopped laying, sort out the bad eggs ( cracked,too big, too small, pointed, dirty ones,old) Give as desired ten to seventeen eggs to the chickens and start planning for feeds because after twenty-one days and six hours hatching will be taking place. Also start preparing to get the following, a charcoal stove, charcoal, a drinker and feeder, kuku star vaccine for cocksdiosis and new castle for bronchitis. Next time will teach how to mix chicken feeds for day one to eight weeks(chic and duck mash) Growers Mash for nine weeks to twelve weeks. If time allows will also teach layers mash for she chickens. 
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2020-01-22 - Purpose: To teach the mixture of Feeds.
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10070 This mother was just taken out of the coop with her chics because smearing was in process.