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Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-01-20

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Mvule Community Development 
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constitution writing 
Alex B met thirty five members as a continuation on how to write a constitution that has full requirements for registration. This is because there has been cases where most constitution drafts are rejected by the CDO so Alex is trying to see that this doesn’t happen again. Balaki the chairperson of the group encouraged the the members to give their views and said their is a great need to finish to draft the constitution as soon as possible because the constitution plays a big role in the development of their area. The chairperson also appealed to the community members to be cooperative when their is need for them to come to the community meeting. The chairperson also The chairperson also reminded the members of how their is a great need for scholastic materials required to draft the constitution so he requested the members to contribute some money for that however the members were cooperative and started contributing money and indeed by the end of the meeting all the money required was contributed. Alex B advised the members to make a draft that will convince the government officials to accept it .Alex advised the members that the constitution should reflect what they plan to do as a community, he said this will give a clear picture to the CDO to give them the certificate of registration. Alex B concluded by encouraging the community members to continue engaging each other on constitution writing and give their views , however, Alex B promised that he would come back next time to continue discussions about how to draft a better constitution. 
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2020-01-27 - Purpose: To continue with the discussion on how to draft the constitution and how to register their group.
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