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Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-01-22

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Mvule Community Development 
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commitee formation 
Alex B met twenty eight members about the importance of the bylaws for the people that planted trees from Kibo Group. The chairperson Sam gave his remark about how the how some members are not attending meetings. The leaders that were elected have no proper procedures to base on as the lead the members. Alex B advised them to have bylaws that will guide members who are staying and working together for some reasons.He gave examples that in homes of families,they always have laws that guide them how to conduct or do business. He told them people come together with different minds,behaviors and way how to respond about anything.He said the only way how such people can remain united and have love in their community is by having a document for reference. The document of the guidelines should be of the ideas of the community. He suggested to them,to begin thinking of some few bylaws for the beginning that will help them to attend meetings. The bylaws at the beginning should help people to love one another and work together. He asked them in the next meeting people to go with ideas that will be written as bylaws for them. He proposed to them to begin with at least two or three bylaws. Balinaine one of the members supported the idea of having bylaws. It will work good for the community. He advised them in the next meeting to participate by giving in ideas concerning bylaws. Alex B will guide them in the process of making bylaws. He will also suggest them after their contributions. 
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2020-01-29 - Purpose: To lead the community as they make bylaws that will guide them until they will have a constitution.
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