Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kirwanire

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2020-01-29

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David Balimunsi
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2020-01-30 11:37:45 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2020-01-30 12:38:55 UTC
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09:00-17:45 (8 h 45 m)
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05:42-15:30 (9 h 48 m)
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-2 h 57 m

Water Users Committee Check-In

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Water Committee
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Every member in the village getting to attend the village meetings 
Other Committee Notes
They requested for the Kibo staff to guide them as they came up with anew sanitation committee 
Ws Notes
David and Steven were in kirwanire village. They had gone to meet with the village leaders to reschedule the date for the baseline survey. Before the Kibo staff met with the village leaders,they first moved home to home throughout the village. They did so because they wanted to know the exact boundaries of the village . They also wanted to asses the sanitation status of the village. From David and Steven,s assessments from there home to home movements they noted that the village had a lot of homes and there was much more need for sanitation and hygiene improvements. The Kibo staff were happy to find new dug pits and some smeared houses as they were moving home to home. Later afterwards the Kibo staff went to where the village leaders had gathered waiting for them. They discussed the following. They requested the village leaders to elect members who knew the exact boundaries of the entire village. They also told the village leaders the gar-jets like the iPads they were to use while carrying out the baseline survey. It was important for the Kibo staff to teach about the tools they were to use during the baseline survey in order to create more awareness to the village.At the end of the meeting the leaders they had elected six members who were to move along with the Kibo staff as they will be carrying out baseline survey. The Kibo staff left the village when it was a wear and ready waiting for the baseline survey. In general according to the hygiene and sanitation status of the village ,there was more need for sanitation standards and improvements. 
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2020-02-05 - Purpose: To do the baseline survey
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10289 The new pit after the Kibo staff preparing the village for the next coming baseline survey