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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2020-01-31

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Health lesson 13: Alcohol and Drug Abuse 
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Irene went to Nabikenge to continue teaching about the effects of alcohol and drug/substance abuse to the individual, family and community. With a review of the previous lessons Irene asked the members what alcoholism meant to them as individuals. Nabirye said it’s drinking alcohol from morning to evening without thinking about work, waiswa added on that and said the individual drinks on a daily basis without missing a day. Susan said it’s when an individual drinks and even forgets their way home,urinates in the clothes,or even falls on the roadside. All the individuals had different ideas but in their own understanding understood the lesson. On addition to that irene asked the community members if any of them was in that kind of life and segonga said he once was but God saved him. Irene continued by asking the members the problems,and challenges, they went through as individuals,families,and the community. Segonga still gave his experience and gave a story about his life as an alcoholic who was once bitten and almost burnt saying he was a thief had it not to be one of the members in that community who knew him as a daily customer to one of the alcohol joints in the village. Waisanga also gave his experience as an addict talking about how his wife left him, his children denying that his their father because fellow pupils talked about him, lacking even a single coin to look after hi home. And so many stories were discussed by different members on how Alcohol can destroy an individual,family and community. Irene later concluded the lesson and asked the members that next time they meeting they will be talking about prevention of alcohol and substance/drug abuse. 
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Health Education 
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Yes with the previous lessons the community members are getting to learn to avoid sharing things like sponges,towels, pants to avoid infection 
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2020-02-12 - Purpose: To teach about prevention of drug abuse and excessive alcohol .
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