Mvule Community Development - Kazimba Kungira

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2020-02-05

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Abraham Mulongo
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2020-02-06 05:14:33 UTC
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Abraham Mulongo
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2020-02-06 11:40:41 UTC
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10:07-18:15 (8 h 8 m)
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13:20-15:10 (1 h 50 m)
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6 h 18 m

Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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Abraham met four Kazimba kungira village local leaders and the purpose was to introduce the Mvule community development program to them. Mr John who is the v chairperson told the group that the chairperson was not around but he knows that Kibo is bringing another program to their village. Abraham introduced the program to them and he asked them to take the message to the people so that they can embrace the program. He thanked them for being patient since Kibo drilled a well in their area but they did not get the waiter. They were so sand not to get the bore hole according to the village Defence called Ebera, he said that they walk long distances to get clean water for drinking. They welcomed the Mvule program and the next meeting the chairman will also attend according to the vice chairperson John. The government also tried to get water to the community but they hit dry and the only way is to start getting ideas of harvesting rain water. 
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2020-02-19 - Purpose: To meet Bugiri CDO with the village leaders and discuss about Mvule community development program and how we can work together to serve the community
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