Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Igerera A - Iganga

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-02-10

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Harriet Kefeza
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2020-02-11 11:36:41 UTC
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Harriet Kefeza
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2020-02-11 12:13:29 UTC
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09:30-16:56 (7 h 26 m)
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11:45-14:50 (3 h 5 m)
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4 h 21 m

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teach smearing 
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Harriet Kefeza,Tape Bwana 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet and Tape went to Igerera B to teach about smearing.They found very few participants at the meeting place. As soon as they reached some people also turned up for the meeting. A meeting begun with an open prayer that was led by one of the community member Rose who thanked the lord who enabled them to reach in their village safely she also asked the lord to guide them through the meeting. The chairperson LC1 of the village Mr. kamya thanked every one who turned for the meetings and encouraged them to always keep time when ever they are called upon. Kibo staff introduced smearing to the community. They asked them to discuss the importance of smearing their home facilities. During the meeting these are some reasons discussed as the importance of smearing. Improves on hygiene standards since smearing kills dust that harbor jiggers, fleas and other insects which are harmful to their lives. They also said that smearing enable their facilities lasts longer thus sustainability of their facilities. Kibo staff told them that the goal of the Healthy and Safe kitchen program is promote fully hygiene in the kitchen. There fore since the stove improves on the life of the family it is very important to be put in a clean kitchen that is well smeared. They added that smearing doesn’t only apply to the walls only but also to the floor because the program aims at promoting fully hygiene. Kibo staff also reminded them that smearing it is a most important and cheap hygiene practice that requires the locally available and acceptable resources easily found in their village. Harriet asked by show of hands to show who has smeared their home facilities and the number of those whose facilities were smeared was very small. The participants acknowledged the need to smear their facilities. Tape asked the participants to chose among themselves a home for the demonstration exercise on how to smear their home facilities especially the kitchen.One of the participants called Naigaga suggested to chose one of the elderly woman to take the chance. Interestingly most of the elderly women denied the offer and told the participants to chose another parson and for them they will guide the group during the exercise. In conclusion the community agreed to demonstrate on the kitchen at the meeting place since it in the center of the village,on the roadside where every one in the village can easily learn from. The community agreed the excercise to be Carried out on Monday 17th Feb 2020. Kibo staff thanked them for being a participatory community and encouraged them to maintain the same spirit. 
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2020-02-12 - Purpose: To teach about chopping grass and leadership structure.
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10478 Tape teaching the community about smearing. Her the community is committing them selves to participate in smearing.
10481 Harriet asking the participants to discuss the importance of smearing.