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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-02-12

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Nabitula P/S, Kasuleta P/S 
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Personal Hygiene 
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Lorna Katagara,Ongyera Manuella 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the sensitization, the pupils will know how personal hygiene and general sanitation plays an important role in not just their education but their life by preventing diseases. By the end of the sensitization, the pupils will know why it is important for them to keep at School and actually stay at school because they can be who they want to be with an education.
Introduction Lorna and Manuela went to introduce Life Skills to the School as well as sensitize the pupils on personal hygiene and sanitation. It is important that the students know that personal hygiene and sanitation plays a huge role in their health as much as Education to their Life. Overview Manuela and Lorna started by reporting to the Headteachers office exchanged greetings before they went out to meet the pupils of Primary 4 to Primary 7. They requested for only classes 4-7 but the meeting/gathering attracted even the other classes. Peter the teacher whom the Life Skills staff will be working with addressed the pupils before handing over the flow to the Life Skills class. Manuela started by introducing herself and what Life Skills is all about. She went ahead and asked what challenges they face in the community, they mentioned theft, rape, Kidnapping , fighting among others. Manuela said all these will be looked at under the Life Skills Program.After this she asked them what their School Motto was and they said Discipline is the key to success. Manuela mentioned to them that they really had a good motto and that to succeed in life one needed Discipline as a tool. Manuela shared briefly about her school life how she sat under a tree like them now and even worse at her school they sat on rocks telling them they were lucky they had benches. She said if you are Determined, Dedicated and disciplined, the circumstances around you cannot affect you. She went ahead and told them when they get an education, they can get any job they want . She asked them what they wanted to become in life , some said teachers, doctors, pilots, politicians among others. She even said they can always come back to their village and even build a hospital , school because they know the importance. Having an education will earn them respect , honor unlike one who has not heard an education. Lorna then talked about Personal hygiene and general sanitation where she started by applauding the pupils for being smart. She also went ahead and added on what Manuela said that she on the other hand studied in a good School with facilities and both her and Manuela turned out great and therefore they should not feel bad about not having classrooms. She also urged them to respect their elders in order to succeed. On Personal hygiene and sanitation she asked them what personal hygiene means and they put up their hands and said it was the general cleanliness of ones body. She then told them that if one does not keep themselves clean, they can fall sick and they can also make their peers uncomfortable since they will be smelling and their fellow peers will not want to associate with them and it can also affect their concentration in class. Lorna asked them what was the first thing they did when they woke up and they mentioned Pray, wash their face , bathe among others. Lorna asked them how about brush their teeth ? and they said that too. She then asked them how many times should one brush, they said 3 and she asked them how many brush three times ? Barely anyone put up there hands. She said it is true one is supposed to brush three times and after every meal but we know that’s hard. She encouraged them to brush in the morning and before going to bed. They also talked about the importance of bathing, washing their boxers , bras , knickers. She encouraged them to always wash them well and dry them under the sun. She told them to avoid wearing wet clothes. They also talked about cutting their finger nails and the importance of it where she asked all the pupils to put up their hands for her to see their nails. They’re nails were well trimmed for those she was able to see and asked them to clap for themselves. She also talked about toilet manners , the importance of washing hands with soap and water and replacing with ash where there was no soap. She also told them to avoid open defecation at home , at school as well. She encouraged those who did not have latrines at home to go tell their parents the importance. Conclusion It was a very interesting day and a good start as there was positive reaction between the Life Skills teachers and the pupils. Next week Monday will be the very first meeting of the 2 classes of primary 6 and 7. Also we were able to screen the pupils basing on their ages to accommodate our number as Life Skills . 
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