Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-02-19

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2020-02-20 11:28:19 UTC
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2020-02-20 12:31:30 UTC
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Training of the sanitation committee in their role 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex met with all the 5 sanitation committee members that willingly volunteered to uplift the village sanitation standards after the triggering lesson that was conducted in Butabira village on 14/02/2020. It is important that the sanitation committee understands their roles and responsibilities to perform during this sanitation and hygiene program. The committee members together with the village chairman take the lead during this sanitation program and it’s very important that each one of them knows what should be done in sensitizing the village to attain the required sanitation standards. Alex first told the committee that they need to lead by example in the village and that means that their homes must meet the standards. They must have all the facilities in their homes and must meet the standards set by kibo group. The sanitation tools, pick axes and shovels must be taken good care of and that they have to be responsible managing those tools. They have to know a home with the pick axe or shovel and must have signed on the paper to be able to truck these tools well and help everyone in the village. Also the committee have to work together moving home to home in the village encouraging the residents to have all these facilities. The sanitation committee agreed to be moving together thrice a week as a group to encourage people to work on their sanitation facilities. They are not supposed to wait for kibo staff to come before they move in the village. They also came up with an idea of writing down a list of all the households in the village and use that when following up on these facilities in every home. This will guide them on who exactly is working so hard and who is lagging behind. The village gave themselves a period of three months to complete the sanitation program. The village is already in high gear working to work on their sanitation facilities and many new facilities like new pits being dug in the homes. Alex together with the sanitation committee, visited five homes checking on the new pits being dug including one home for Okello Peter where the feacal matter used for triggering was got. Three new pits were under construction in his home and are working very hard to improve their sanitation and hygiene standards and take away the shame in their home. Seven new pits were seen under construction and the pick axes are on a high demand from many people that want to work to improve on their sanitation standards. More than half of the homes in the village have already dug new rubbish pits. The weekly follow ups shall start and the sanitation committee is ready and excited to work hard and improve the village sanitation standards. 
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2020-02-26 - Purpose: Follow up on construction of new facilities in the village
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Report Photos

10700 Alex With the new sanitation committee members during a meeting to discuss about their roles and responsibilities during the sanitation and hygiene program in Butabira.
10703 Together with the sanitation committee they visited some homes that have started digging new pits
10706 One of the sanitation committee members, Godfrey demonstrated how best the pit has to be dug to the required size
10718 Open pit where a family defecates
10721 A one called bathroom in a home that doesn’t meet standards.
10727 Old and full pit latrine in a home that is need to improve their sanitation standards