Mvule Community Development - Test

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2020-02-24

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2020-02-25 11:18:40 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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This village is called Buwologoma, Kibo group started working in this village in 2010 with hygiene and sanitation, a bore hole was drilled, Mvule community development, health and safe kitchens. They started under a mango tree but worked hard after receiving goats from Kibo group even some members are having five cows and they exchanged their goats into cows. They brought back the offsprings and they got sixty five offsprings which they sold some and bought piglets. They started with nine piglets but now every two homes they have more than nine pigs they are looking after. The group has grown big and from sixty five members they are now four hundred and fifty members. This one of Kibo group community with the highest number followed with Kigalama with three hundred and fifty members. They worked so hard so that even the government has recognized the village as a model village. This village is not in those forty villages Kibo is working in right now but because they working so successful we hope to take other villages to learn from them. Now they are each member is supposed to have something to do like growing passion fruits, piggery, growing bananas. They received three milling machines two of them for maize and one for rice. Their their moto is not to leave anyone behind. They are now teaching another nearby village whereby Kibo feels they can teach other villages. They said it is great thing for them teaching other villages and they hope to work together because they do not to leave anyone behind as per their moto. They asked Kibo if they can get another bore hole because the one which was drilled serves more people walking two kilometers to get water. 
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2020-03-06 - Purpose: To get their laws and regulations so that they photocopied and they will help other villages to see if they can also use them.
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10811 This group started under a mango tree but now they have built their offices and put milling machines in them.