Community Empowerment - Buluvu - Namutumba

Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2020-02-21

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2020-02-25 05:59:57 UTC
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Bible Lesson 7: The Tongue 
Ida went to Buluvu and taught about the “Tongue “ She asked the community knew what the Tongue was. Catherine said that those are languages (lusoga, luganda, lulamogi etc) Faizo pulled out his tongue and showed the community, which made everyone laugh. Ida asked Farida to read from James 3:2-12. After the reading the chairperson testified that his first marriage broke because of the Tongue. Some person told him that his wife was having an affair with some other man. He was so mad that he nearly killed the wife but the neighbors came and rescued her. After two years he realized that it wasn’t true, but it was too late to apologize and he still regrets why he reacted so first without analyzing. Ida told them a story of the five mice that were going for a visit and found a road had been blocked . They decided that each mouse goes at a time. All the four mice brought different reports according to how they saw. It’s only one that reported the whole thing. The four mice reported that they saw the following, a spear ,wall, tree trunk and things that looked like basins. The last one elaborated more saying that the one who saw a spear saw a tail, a wall was its belly,a tree trunk was the leg and things that looked like basins were ears. We must sieves what we speak with the three sieves below. 1. Is it true ? 2 Is it worth to be spoken? 3 Will it unite? If all the questions pass through the three sieve then speak out loudly but if only one refuses to pass through the sieve never speak until Jesus comes back. Ida left a memory verse from Ephesians 4:29. Next time the community will recite the verse. 
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2020-03-06 - Purpose: Continue with the Tongue lesson.
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