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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-02-26

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Learning Objectives
To encourage the pupils on the importance of getting an education and why they needed to stay and keep in school. To teach the pupils on the importance of personal hygiene and good sanitation practices.
Introduction Lorna and Manuela went to Kisiro Primary School for an outreach on sensitization and raising awareness on Life Skills practices. Kisiro Primary School is one of the schools considered for the School outreach programs of Life Skills education and Counseling. Overview When Manuela and Lorna reached the school they were warmly welcomed by the Headmaster and his deputy. They then went together to the administration office where they discussed about the Life a Skills Program and what it was all about. After this discussion, Life Skills staff asked to speak to the pupils from primary 3 upto primary 7 where, the intention was to sensitize them on values of Education and on personal hygiene and sanitation. The deputy Headteacher addressed the pupils first before he welcomed Life Skills class to address them. One funny thing that the Life Skills class noticed is that most of the pupils seem young and after having a conversation with the Headteacher they were able to find out why. Most of the children 15 and above tend to drop out to help cultivate the gardens with their parents and generally in the community and they are then paid some small monies. It was therefore important to sensitize the children on the values of Education. Manuela started by introducing herself and what Life a Skills Education and Counseling comprises with the he,p of the deputy Headmaster who was translating to Lusoga . After this, she addressed the pupils on the values of Education where she started by asking the pupils why they were at School. Some said because they want to become doctors, lawyers, pilots while others did not know. Manuela thanked those who gave in their answers and for those who did not know, she said they were to find out today. Manuela also gave a brief history of her school life upto now where she is currently working with Kibo group. She told them that this was possible because she respected her elders, teachers , was disciplined and also prayed to God. She told them that there were many distractions along the way but because she was determined she managed to succeed. She told them to avoid bad peer groups, engaging in early sex because they can get pregnant and get diseases, to say no to early marriages, to avoid Alcohol and drug abuse among others. On the values of Education were ; Having an education can give you a status in the community where one is respected, there many opportunities to a person who is educated than that who is not, one can get paid a lot of money which they can use to take care of their needs, get a job, it helps them know their rights, participate in finding solutions to their problems among others. She finished by telling them to also respect their parents jobs be it brick laying, charcoal burning, farming because out of this is where they get money for their School fees. Lorna then taught on Personal hygiene and sanitation management where she said that personal hygiene goes hand in hand with education. If one is sick, then they won’t be able to be at school and therefore she was here to tell them on the 4 practices of personal hygiene and sanitation. Lorna started by bathing as one of the good practices in hygiene. She told them the importance of bathing and keeping their bodies clean as this can help them concentrate in class, make friends among others. She taught them the right way to bathe and emphasized the armpits, private parts and then the entire body. She discouraged washing only the face and legs “kizimbi” like they called it which means builders kind of bathing. After bathing she told them to also wash their underwear and ensure they dried as wearing wet underwear can cause skin diseases and infections. 2.She talked about brushing of teeth where she asked how many times one should brush and the importance of brushing which they mentioned to avoid germs and bad breath. Lorna mentioned that it is very important to brush as not brushing can cause bad teeth and with a toothache one cannot come to school. 3. They looked at handwashing where they discussed the times one needed to was their hands which were ; before and after eating food, after visiting the latrine , after touching rubbish , grazing animals among others. Lorna mentioned that our hands are the biggest carrier of germs and it is therefore important to always wash our hands whenever required. She urged them even at home when they help their siblings clean themselves they should also wash their hands and their siblings. She also encouraged them to trim their finger nails short as having long nails can Barbour dirt and germs underneath 4. They looked at toilet manners where Lorna encouraged them to dispose off their poop well and avoid pooping in the open. She also discouraged them from pooping in the open and also avoid smearing poop with their hands and on the latrine walls as it is not a good practice. Conclusion Lorna urged them to keep clean and stay healthy in order to keep at school and that they can be anyone they want to be if they follow whatever was taught to them.The pupils were urged to share whatever they learnt today with their siblings and their parents as well as the children from other Schools. The Headteacher was very thankful and encouraged the children to listen to the advise they were given. He thanked Life Skills staff for picking their School as he said they were lucky to be selected for this program. 
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