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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-02-28

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Love,Relationship Skills: Managing Emotions 
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Learning Objectives
To ensure that the community understands the importance of managing their anger especially in very unavoidable circumstances in order to avoid situations or damages that they cannot recover from.
Introduction Lorna went to Bubinga to review the previous lesson and also teach on a Gender roles and responsibilities. Gender roles and responsibilities was a topic requested by the community themselves as women were decrying that their husbands no longer take care of them, pay children’s fees, buy necessities at home among others and vice versa. Overview Lorna went to teach on Gender roles and responsibilities however what she found on ground later on made her just do the review of the previous lesson and post pone the one for today to another day. Moving around Lorna found that some people had gone to a funeral, Kadubulis family had just lost two people her maternal mother as well as her step mother so the family was still mourning. Other members in the community some were sick at the dispensary in the trading center so, teaching a few people around was not going to make a big impact. However instead of just doing nothing , Lorna gathered the community members around and they did a review of the previous lesson on love and managing anger. Lorna previously left them with an assignment to tell her the next time she came the ways in which they manage their anger. She used this opportunity to remind the community that if one does not manage their anger , they are the ones who suffer the consequences because there are consequences involved of course. She told the the story of the man in Bukudumira village who beat up her daughter on baseless assumptions that she was sleeping around with two men and would have killed her if there were no interventions made. However after the situation cooled down he had to apologize to the community and his daughter because he knew he let his anger take over him. So Lorna asked them to mention what their tactics were; there were three youths and one said he would walk away from the situation, another said seek help from the chairman , another said walk away and never talk to the person. Lorna and other members mentioned that walking away at the moment is good but also ensuring that they talk over it in their time of peace to try to resolve issues. Other community members also commented like forgiving each other,walking away, involving a third party ,seeking counsel, changing environment, fighting but we said fighting will lead to imprisonment or one of the parties harming each other creating enmity among others. Lorna encouraged the community members to always think about the consequences before engaging into any situation . It is more wise to listen before acting , seek for the truth, distance yourself ,act the mature one even though it is hard.others were prayer, listening to music, counting 1-10/, playing games , communicate, analyze why they are really angry. Also think about the situation from the other persons perspective and not just theirs. Lorna introduced to them the lesson which she was to teach but said she wouldn’t be teaching according to the state the village was in. She however asked them whether gender roles are distributed equally in this village and they told Lorna it depends on each person and their family. They gave examples of for example the women taking water for their husbands to bathe who should take this water?. Some men said they can do it themselves but others complained that it should be the women taking for them the water . Lorna mentioned that surely if their wife was busy doing other work , they can surely carry this water the least they can do. Lorna mentioned that they will be looking at this in detail but they had to do a good job mobilizing ,husbands coming with their wives, wives their husbands and the youth available. One man encouraged the youth who came to mobilize their fellow youth to come because they are tomorrow’s future therefore they needed to be prepared. Conclusion They decided that the chairman will mobilize everyone since this topic was very sensitive and required both husband and wife to attend.kadubulis wife also together with another woman promised to mobilize the women in particular. They decided to meet on the the 20 of this month. 
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2020-03-20 - Purpose: Teach On Gender roles and responsibilities as it was not taught today because of unavoidable circumstances
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