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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-03-09

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Causes of early pregnancy 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Isabel , Moriah 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna went to Mpumiro to teach on the causes of early pregnancy and early marriages. It is important that the pupils/students are aware and sensitized on the things that lead to these social problems so that they are aware of them and therefore can avoid being caught up in such situations. Overview On the previous visit , Lorna took the class through the corrections of the previous Pretest they had done. The Pretest was on Decision Making Skills. Because they wrote down the notes / corrections for the test, some of the lessons would be repeated if they had gone through them again which would waste time. Therefore in today’s visit, Lorna covered what was not covered in the Pretest which was causes of early pregnancy and the causes of early marriages. In the Pretest we had Dangers of early pregnancy and dangers of early marriages. It was therefore only rightful that they also looked at what are those things that lead to early pregnancy and early marriages. The lesson was very engaging and participatory where the pupils engaged freely. Before going to the causes of these problems though they reviewed steps in making decision making. Because it is the decisions we make that can effect early pregnancy or early marriages therefore, Lorna emphasized whatever decisions made today will affect their tomorrow so they need to think through every situation before doing something they will regret later. Some of the causes discussed for early pregnancy were; Poverty, lack of self worth, lack of basic needs like clothes, food, pads, orphanhood, school dropout, bad peer groups, rape, defilement not listening to advice among others. On the causes of early marriages, we looked at inadequate laws concerning early marriages, early pregnancy, Bride price, ignorance, poor performance, orphanhood, peer pressure among others. Moriah an intern from Rochester university also encouraged the pupils to fear God and have a personal relationship with him because if they do , they will have more self value and respect and wisdom for their bodies. Isabel also encouraged the pupils that they should not be deceived by the boys / men that they will marry them because this is just a trap to get to them. Lorna also added on Moriahs point and even acted out a skit /short drama on lack of self value and where one does not believe in herself but gets it from another person. They feel like they don’t love them selves and therefore seek this love and gratification from someone else. The pupils and students enjoyed the short skit. Conclusion Much of their time was far spent since when they arrived the pupils were about to do a test but Lorna had to disagree and informed them that it was Life Skills time and later they postponed to afternoon. Therefore a lot of time was taken preparing the pupils to go to class for life skills lesson. This therefore cut down their time to cover another lesson. The teachers appreciated the Lesson very much. 
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2020-03-11 - Purpose: Teach on Delaying sex , reasons young children may engage in sexual activities , help for delaying sex.
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11054 Teacher Kulire the Life Skills teacher votes hung with Lorna.
11057 Isabel was given a chance to address the pupils on issues of early marriages
11066 Moriah also got to speak to the pupils on early pregnancy