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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-03-11

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Delaying Sex 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson pupils know the different reasons why they say yes to sex , reasons they should say no , tactics to delaying sex and importance of Abstinence
Introduction Decision making is a wide topic and very crucial to the growth and development of the pupils. It covers sensitive topics that can derail their future if they do not make important decisions about their life. Today we covered Abstinence why should the pupils avoid sex, why they usually get caught saying yes to sex, why they should say no. It is important that they understand this topic because if not there are consequences involved. Overview We arrived at about 11:30am and the pupils were sitting for a test(quiz) and therefore we had to wait a few more minutes before we could start out Life Skills lesson. The teachers were happy to see another visitor and so were the pupils too and vice versa. After the quiz, class was organized and the pupils welcomed Lorna and Essence and then we begun the lesson where we started by reviewing the previous lesson which was the causes of early pregnancy as well as the causes of early marriages. It was important that they reminded themselves and Lorna reminded them that this is not so they can cram anything but to understand because these are the temptations children go through in life and to know the cause of something will help avoid the problem. After the review, they looked at Abstinence where they defined it as Staying away from sex or any sexual activity. Also they defined it as saying no to sex. After this they looked at different forms of sex where they mentioned: kissing, touching of genitals or bad touches involving breasts, butts etc. Lorna reminded the pupils that no one should touch them in a manner that they were uncomfortable and told them to report such cases and also that they should be the only ones to touch their bodies and no one else. They then looked at reasons why young children say yes to sex where they acted out a role play volunteers Waiswa and Doreen acted out a scenario where a girl would sex yes to sex as a proof of love. This excited the pupils. Waiswa asked Doreen if she really loved him to prove it by having sex with her. So among the reasons was proof of love,fear of loosing girlfriend/boyfriend, curiosity, everyone is doing it, peer pressure, it feels right. Among the reasons for saying No were; fear of getting pregnant, fear of getting married early, fear of contracting STDs, risk being expelled from home, school, religious values, personal among others. They also looked at strategies of delaying sex like; Fearing God which is the beginning of all wisdom and if you fear God they won’t have trouble with these things, avoid lonely and dark places, moving out in the night, avoid Alcohol, listen to advice, Not being in someone’s company alone that is male or female. They also looked at Importance of Abstaining like to focus on their studies, to avoid diseases, avoid early pregnancy and early marriages, to avoid becoming young parents ,among others. Conclusion Essence encouraged the children to always pray to God to avoid temptations, to distract themselves from any thought or sexual practice, She also asked them who they wanted to be in future and they mentioned Doctors, nurses, Reverends and she told they can be who they want to be and that each and everyone of them is a king and queen and should carry themselves like that. After this they took a group photo and then left for Jinja. 
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