Life Skills Education and Counseling - Test - Bulyowa Primary School

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2020-03-11

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bulyowa Primary School 
Lesson Taught
Dangers of Abortion 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Elizibeath a student from Rocheaster university 
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Learning Objectives
To the educate the pupils about the causes and dangers of abortion.
Introduction Abortion refers to the practice of terminating a fetus or unborn baby from the uterus before the time of giving birth, this lesson is aimed at educating the pupils that abortion is equivalent to killing which is against God commands in the Bible. Then Manuela advised the to stay away sexual practice. Objective 1. To understand what abortion is? 2. To understand the causes and dangers of abortion in life. 3. At end of the lesson, pupils will be able to share what they have learnt to their fellow pupils. Overview When Manuela reached the school, she was late by 10 minutes, Manuela and Elizabeth went to the headteacher office to sign in the registration book, after that, they went to Life Skills class, they were warmly welcomed by the pupils, Manuela greeted them and after she introduced the visitor whom she went with that day. After all that, Manuela reviewed the previous lessons, Manuela would ask the pupils questions and they tried to share their ideas about lessons learnt. Manuela went on and asked the pupils if they did their homework , group C did and group B, did their work, Manuela requested them to send representatives to come forward and present their findings. And that was done so well. After discussing the homework, Manuela went on and introduced a new lesson, abortion, Manuela asked the pupils that what is abortion? What are the causes and dangers of abortion? During this session pupils managed to share their ideas for example. They said that abortion refers to the process of removing the baby from the stomach, pupils went on and said that some young girls go for abortion because of fear to drop out of school, fearing their parents, when they have been denied by their boyfriend and among others. They also said some of the dangers like, failures to get children in feature, suffering from pelvic diseases and infections, containing holes in the uterus which is dangerous for a mother, death due to too much bleeding and among others. During this lesson, Manuela discussed with the pupils then after she explained to the pupils everything so that they can understand. After that, Manuela asked the pupils to collect their books, then she asked for some volunteers to come in front and review the lessons learnt on that day, four pupils stepped in and presented to their fellow pupils very well. They were teaching their fellows after learning. Finally, Manuela gave Elizabeth chance to also talk to the pupils, she advised them to a goal, study hard and always focus on their education, then Manuela gave them home work , she told them to search about how their community understands menstrual hygiene and management. 
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2020-03-16 - Purpose: On that day, Manuela will teach about Menstrual hygiene and management.
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11135 Manuela was asking the pupils questions during reviewing of the lessons.
11138 Elizabeth was introducing her self to the pupils and also advising them to keep on studying.
11141 Pupils practicing how to write correct spelling of what they can read .
11144 Lesson of the day.
11147 After learning, Manuela requested some pupils to evaluate their fellow pupils to find out if they have understood the lesson of the day.