Mvule Community Development - Kigalama - Namutumba

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2020-03-09

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Abraham Mulongo
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2020-03-10 05:18:22 UTC
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Abraham Mulongo
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2020-03-12 08:50:41 UTC
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10:06-17:54 (7 h 48 m)
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13:10-15:14 (2 h 4 m)
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham met twenty one Kigalama community members and the purpose was to discuss how the group will go forward because of the rumors that the leaders collected money from the members telling them that they are going to get goats from Kibo. The focus was on two people the chairman and the secretary whim Mr Mark Richard said that they are the one with the group money not him. They chairman and the secretary they were not around and some members wanted to elect other people to fill in the gap but others said that they want to know what the say about the allegations. The group decided that Abraham can meet them separately because may they are fearing to appear in the group so that he gets what they are thinking about what members are saying. Abraham thanked the members to come and try to solve the issue, he told them that he is going to do as they requested him to meet the two members first then he will take the message to them and that will determine wether to continue with them or elect other members to take the group forward. This group grew bigger because Kibo started with seventy four and the group was doing well and more two hundred members joined them. Leadership in this village is now a challenge but hope that they can get members who will lead the group well. 
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2020-03-16 - Purpose: To meet with the chairman and the secretary and discuss a way forward for the group
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