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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of this lesson , everyone knows what gender roles and responsibilities are and the importance of having good working relationships and communication as tools for gender roles and responsibilities sharing.
Introduction Gender roles are roles of both men and women based on their sex. This topic is intended to remind the women and men of their roles and responsibilities towards each other and the entire family as a whole. To be reminded about each one fulfilling their total responsibilities and sharing these responsibilities as well since the roles and responsibilities have been defined by who does what according to their sexes. Overview When they arrived in the village, there was barely anyone at the meeting place but this was because it had just rained earlier and therefore the community members went back to their gardens. After about 25 minutes of waiting, the Chairman came from remobilizing the community and a few minutes later the community turned up and the meeting begun. An opening prayer was said and Lorna greeted the community members and introduced the topic of the day. She mentioned that they had started on it briefly the last time but today they were to discuss it in detail. She encouraged the women and men not to be defiant and that gender roles and responsibilities is far from arguing about who does this and that but to come to a compromise on role sharing where less pressure is put on one person but everyone does something and the whole family is happy. She mentioned the family functions as our body parts and therefore if the head which is the father or man in this case is not undertaking his responsibility then there is more weight on the arm, legs the body is incomplete.Lorna encouraged both men and women to assume their roles and responsibilities and not to think they are doing this for themselves but for the sake of their children. Lorna then mentioned that she did not come alone but with David who will be teaching them abit more on this topic and then she will conclude. David greeted the community members and started his teaching by referring back to the creation story where God saw that it was not good for man to live alone and therefore created woman as a helper because man could not do it on his own. Therefore both man and woman were created to complement each other. David built his teaching from here where he built on what Lorna said that marriage is like the body and if the other fails to perform their role, the other won’t work efficiently so both gender are equally important to each other. He went further and discussed how men view women like for leisure for pleasure which is not right. It is fulfilled when each gender is a companion to the other. When it came to their roles on their children , the children are a blessing and not source of labor to the family where you find that instead of parents ensuring their children are going to school, they are in the garden farming and missing out on School. The people who are supposed to ensure that their children get an education are using them as a source of labor. At this point one man asked David that today’s generation are unruly and when you beat a woman they report you, when you beat a child they report you so how will we discipline or put our point forward or across. David cautioned them to reflect on the family setting ,back in the day where the whole family was involved in all matters concerning the family there was good communication practice between a man and woman in their traditional kitchen and girls and boys were taught about their roles and responsibilities but not as a source of labour. Another woman Kadubulis wife said that the women treat the men the way they treat them like if one does not have time for them, they will not have time for them either, if they won’t buy food , then they will also not buy food. He said doing this only makes the family suffer in this case if one person has money let them buy whatever is not there but this only comes when there is a good working relationship in a home. When it came to talking about these issues , he urged the community members to find an appropriate time and place where they need to talk about this situation because the challenge comes in when this goes on for a long time where coming back from this is difficult and their divorces, fights, insults and injury is done. Another lady complained of their husbands that during planting season the whole family is useful however when it’s time for harvest the man sells everything from the garden and does not even account for the money. The men said when they bring to the house the women scoop the rice and keep it somewhere. David said that’s why it’s important to be transparent and talk things through. He urged the men that women are not Camels/donkeys therefore they should help them in some house chores for the health of their families. He urged them not to leave their homes without fulfilling their responsibilities only to fulfill them else where in another home. He told them men doing house chores does not make them less of a man and urged the women not to disrespect the men when they help them. All in all David encouraged them to work together , talk through everything , sit down and find solutions to their challenges instead of fighting , divorcing . It all comes to understanding each other. Conclusion Lorna concluded by revisiting one of the points mentioned about women stealing the rice, men selling off all the rice using it for other things and yet there are sick children, pens and books to buy ,fees among others. She urged them to know where their priorities lie and that by selling or stealing of rice it means one is only stealing from their own family. The sad part is their children are watching. She urged the women to be patient with their husbands and the husbands not to take the patience for granted. She also urged them when they work together and share roles all these issues will be avoided. Lorna also encouraged the men to open up businesses for their wives or allow them to work and make money for themselves and this will reduce the burden on the men. 
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2020-04-03 - Purpose: Summaries gender roles and teach new topic.
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11204 David teaching on Gender roles and responsibilities
11207 This man who was drunk asked David a question that does dress code matter when it comes to a wife putting on what her husband dislikes. This was resolved that they need to talk to each other so that eachone is comfortable in what they are wearing.
11210 David asked the women what the responsibilities of a woman were in a home and this woman stood up to mention some of these responsibilities