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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2020-03-16

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bulyowa Primary School 
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Menstrual Hygiene 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the pupils on how they can prepare them selves before and during monthly periods.
Introduction Menstruation refers to time when women and girls are receiving monthly bleeding through their private parts. This lesson is very vital to the pupils more especially the girl child. It enables them to understand what periods is, how they can prepare them selves during and before monthly periods, how to over come the cramps that disturb a lot and finally to know menstruation is not a curse or sickness. Objective - By the end of this lesson pupils will be able to understand what is menstruation? - the end of this lesson, pupils will be knowing how to fold piece of materials that they during their monthly periods, how to wash , iron, and where it safe. Overview Due to heavy down pour in jinja this morning, Manuela delayed by an hour to reach the school, but when she reached, she went direct to the Life Skills class, she found the school life skills teacher was reviewing the previous lesson with the pupils , when Manuela found this teacher reviewing the previous lesson , she was so impressed with this teacher she appreciated him and gave him ago head to continue with the exercise. After the life skills teacher was done, Manuela introduced the new lesson, menstrual hygiene and management, she started By defining what is menstruation is, she even taught about how the girls can prepare them selves before starting their monthly periods, how to overcome cramps and some of the cramps are headaches, stomach pain, lower a binomial pain, back pain and fever, but Manuela told them that this can be controlled for example resting their legs in worm water, living on their backs, taking some pain killers and also doing some simple regular exercise. she went on explaining to girls to stop being afraid during that time because it is not a disease, curse, nor sickness, Manuela told the girls to be very happy that their body system are well balanced and it’s normal to receive periods every month. Manuela went on and also warned the boy to stop laughing at the girls in case of any stain on Their dresses during that time . After that, Manuela requested the boys to go out and she remind with the girls alone, the boys went out to be attended to by the male teacher , Manuela told that teach to talk to the boys That menstruation is normal and it is not something to laugh at. She went on and told the girls that during this time they are not suppose to practice sex, because if they do they will get unwanted pregnancy which will lead to a lot of problems to their lives. Like dropping out of school and so on. Surprisingly, when Manuela was teaching and advising the girls not to have sex , one of the girl said that for her, her unte told her that you can get pregnant or not because they are days you can get and days you can not. This statement made Manuela speechless but she went on and continued to encourage girls not listen that girl actually they should practice abstinence. She also told the girls to be very careful, and smart. They should be very clean because if they don’t practice hygiene during those days they will end up getting infections which is bad. Manuela went on and taught the girls on how they can fold the piece of materials that they use during that time properly that can last for good hours before becoming full.after demonstrating, Manuela called for some volunteers to come and educate their fellow on how to fold the materials. Finally, after the lesson Manuela called that girl and talked to her about what she said in class during Life Skills class. 
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2020-03-18 - Purpose: To teach about Puberty and Adolescent stage.
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11213 Manuela was explaining to the pupils that Menstrualtion period are curses, sickness or something to worry about.
11216 Manuela was demonstrating to the pupils on how they can fold the piece of materials that they normally use during their monthly periods.
11219 Manuela called up on the some girls to demonstrate folding pierce of clothings that they use front of the other pupils during the Life Skills lessons.
11222 Lesson of the day.
11225 Manuela was seriously emphasizing on issues of mensuration.