Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Bulyowa A - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-03-13

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2020-03-17 11:55:42 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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roles and responsibilities,ownership and sustainability 
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Bulyowa A - Upper Borehole 
In Bulyowa A village, there is a big challenge with the well that was repaired by Kibo Group about a year ago now. The borehole was installed with stainless pipes after removing old plastic pipes had so many challenges. A few months after the repair, the village reported about their borehole breaking down and a mechanic was called to take a look, he found out that one of the new pipes installed had broken. There were so many questions from the mechanic why this had happened and he concluded that the water was salty. Also it’s thought that pipes that were installed were of a bad quality and could easily be affected by the salty water. For many times this well has had similar breakdowns and the village has continued to call the mechanic and fixed it. It was not until recently that many of the water users complained that they were very tired of doing the same repair for more than 10 times now and requested kibo group to intervene and help on a way forward. Alex met with the water and sanitation committee members to discuss on a way forward and to attain a lasting solution to the problem of pipes breaking down. More than 50 households get water from this well and whenever it breaks down, people will be forced to walk more than 1.5 Km to the next borehole in Bulyowa B. Alex Together with the water user committee agreed to put back the plastic pipes of a better quality as an option to use in salty water. 3 of the old pipes can still work but will need 4 more to get a number required to be installed. Alex told the water committee to mobilize the village and fundraise money and see if kibo group would be in position to help again. Also Alex apologized to the water committee that these pipes keep disturbing the village and have used a lot of money to fix the borehole every time it breaks down. The village has remained very active to fix their well whenever it breaks for the many times now. Alex then asked the village people and the committee to remain patient as together we figure out on a way forward to solve this persistent problem. The last time their well broke down was a few days ago and many of the people were very angry and mud that it broke down a sign that many had lost their patience. On a very good note, the Mvule program in this village has moved a very big step working together and have several programs they are doing on their own. They have a big goal this year as a group to save money amounting to 8 millions in cash, have a catering service group and continue to grow some crops together. This group is working together and it’s the only group in the sub county that every group can come for advice. The group is comprised of 65 members and they meet every Friday saving money and discuss some other plans for the year. They requested kibo Group to go back and guide them how to open up a group bank account. 
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2020-04-17 - Purpose: To go back and meet with the village on away forward to replace the pipes
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11231 The borehole in Bulyowa A that keep breaking down many times due to salty water that cause the pipes to easily break