Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kalalu

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2020-03-18

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2020-03-19 13:28:12 UTC
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11:00-20:00 (9 h 0 m)
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Large group meetings

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Lorna Katagara,Steven Kambale,Tom Ngobi 
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LC1,District Health Inspector,Police Officer 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
Lesson Taught
While on their way to the village, they contacted the DPC and the health inspector informing them of the activity that was to take place in the village of Kalalu and they made plans of how they were to transport them to kalalu village. They agreed that they would pick them from the District.When they arrived the village the drama group was entertaining the village and they did a good job mobilizing the village since the music attracted the attention of the community members. Triggering was to start at 2:30pm as we awaited the district officials whom Steven went to pickup. Tom along with one of the committee members and Lorna then decided to walk around the village looking for the specimen (fecal matter) to use while triggering. When they found it , they came back to the meeting place and awaited the District officials whom Steven went to pick and immediately they arrived, the meeting begun. The chairman welcomed the community members and thanked them for being patient. He gave a history of the different programs that have been in Kalalu under Kibo and he mentioned how he was happy that there was yet another program to work with them and this time concerning hygiene and sanitation. He welcomed the visitors and urged the community members to listen to whatever they were to be taught. He later on invited the district health inspector who was happy and excited about what Kibo was going to do in this community. He mentioned how Kalalu was a far to reach area but having Kibo reach here in this village joining hands with them was encouraging. The District inspector then took time to explain what good sanitation entails , he went on and read to them sone of the statistics that Tom had shared with him about the baseline survey. He read to the community the results and mentioned the number of people that did not have latrines. He mentioned that as the government they have the capacity to arrest anyone without a Latrine in fact for the marrieds that did not have latrines , they were to go to the wife’s home village and make him build 3 latrines there and then come home and build his own as a punishment. The District health inspector then mentioned about all the facilities and the standards that qualify them to be good facilities. He mentioned a standard latrine, bathroom, rubbish pit , dishrack and cloth line in fact he did most of the triggering. He asked how many had all those facilities in their home and some mentioned that they they had a few missing and he asked them those missing facilities and encouraged them to construct them. After this he invited the Inspector of police who was also very happy about Kibo’s intention in the village and mentioned how happy he was to work hand in hand with Kibo. He also mentioned that a home without these facilities is infringing on human rights. He mentioned that his position in the police concerns The Family ; that is husbands,wives and the children. He asked who was the head of the home and the community responded the man and he said therefore if the man failed to construct these facilities, he was infringing on the wife’s right of health and children and therefore needed to be arrested. He told both the women and men that if the had any problems whatsoever to contact him and gave the community his number. He urged them to adhere to what they are being told because today he may have come singing but next time he will cone dancing meaning this time he will be sensitizing but if they were defaulters he would arrest them the next time and yet he doesn’t wan5 the family to suffer when the head of the family is arrested. Tom then came last to summarize and quickly did the mapping of the village which was a fun activity but because of time not all of it was done. Tom then used the WASH chart to explain the bad and good facilities and the importance of each one. On the bathroom standard, he urged them to construct bathrooms with good height where on,y the head was seen. He talked about infidelity can begin from one person seeing someone’s wife naked to the point of knowing the time they bathe and this can lead to breaking of marriages but also children laughing and disrespecting you because they saw you naked. He urged them this was the only place one got completely undressed and therefore deserves privacy.They were also able to calculate how much digging a latrine costs visa Vi loosing a child costs which was very interesting . Two men tried to challenge this saying digging a Latrice was more costly than loosing someone but Tom shut them down not to mislead the community and told them that a latrine can be the cheapest to dig because almost everything need is around them. They have the energy, the bricks, the trees. The goal is to ensure everyone has a latrine they can afford which is of good standard but these men were trying to prove otherwise but they later understood and dodos the rest of the community. Conclusion They were able to choose a day when they were to declare their village ODF and two dates were set July and September 18 2020 but they later agreed on the 18 of July 2020. Pickaxes and shovels were handed to them and the community was very thankful and committees were formed on who will follow up on which home facility. 
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11303 Inspector of Police addressing the community
11306 This was during mapping
11309 During mapping
11321 Handing over the shovel and pickaxes to the chairman and his committee