Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kishaike - Namutumba

Visit by Martin Kibuuka on 2020-06-22

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Martin Kibuuka
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2020-06-23 11:06:40 UTC
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Martin Kibuuka
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2020-06-23 13:21:56 UTC
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10:00-06:06 (-4 h 6 m)
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12:05-03:00 (-10 h 55 m)
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5 h 11 m

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Martin Kibuuka 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
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hand washing 
Martin went to Kishaike, to meet the village leaders and the sanitation committee members in that village. To discuss about the sanitation and hygiene improvement, because kibo have taken a long time without going to that village due to Covid 19. Good enough the Village leaders and sanitation committee members was their, and they had a great time to meet and discuss about sanitation facilities and how they can help the community members not to spread the various in that area. At fast the village leaders and sanitation committee members was appreciating kibo for the work of sanitation facilities, what was going on in that village before Covid 19. Especially on the side of washing hands. When the Government started to a nouns how they can defend the various not spread and kill people in Uganda, is just washing hands with water and Soap. So what makes them to appreciate, kibo had already taught hand washing and how wash their hands. And they told him that the work of encouraging the community members to wash their hands it’s was for themselves, but it’s still going well because kibo had already taught them and the community members. Even if the lock down was continuing, but good enough the village leaders and the sanitation committee members, did not stopped encouraging the community members about facility constructions, because they told him that 6 latrines was constructed and 2 is under construction, So Martin requested them to continue encouraging the community members about facility constructions, maintenance and standards and taught them about distancing. Because that is how they defend the various. That was their meeting. 
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2020-06-29 - Purpose: Follow up on new facility constructions.
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11338 This’s how they sited, when their was in their meeting, because of Covid 19.
11341 This’s how they have worked on their hand washing facilities.