Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kigalama - Namutumba

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2020-06-24

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David Balimunsi
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2020-06-25 11:25:32 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2020-06-25 14:00:03 UTC
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21:02-16:53 (-5 h 51 m)
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11:25-14:55 (3 h 30 m)
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-8 h 21 m

Well Repair

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Kigalama - kigalama kibo 
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kigalama kibo 
Repair Date
2020-06-24 00:00:00 UTC 
Repair By
The kibo staff along with the hand pump machanic. 
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Work Done
Borehole old ballbearings replacements and the rubrication or greasing of the chain 
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Ws Notes
David and Steven along with the district hand mechanic mr kabugo they were in kigalama village. Their intentions of going there was to replace the worn out ballbearing in the borehole by fixing in the new ones. It was extremely important for the. HPm ,David and Steven doing the greasing and replacement because it was going to stop the wearing out of the borehole handle. However as they were in the village they found many residents,water and the sanitation committee members including kids waiting for them at the borehole promise. But negatively what was noted by the kibo staff was that none of people at the well had any mask hence no social distance aspect as required by the ministry of healthy was was observed. Therefore David asked the chairman on the behalf of the others if they had ever heard about the pandemic disease covid 19. On that point the borehole chairman mr Batista said that they have ever had about covid over the radios . Continuously mr Batusa said that fortunately they had never heard of any case about the covid 19 in their village. So the kibo staff along with the HPM before the repair process they saw it as important to basically sensitive them as a protective measure. David ,Steven along with the Hpm kabugo they confirmed the members that the covid was every in the whole world and it kills If none of the protective measures as they had ever had from the ministry of healthy over the radio. David taught them to observe the required distance of 4 meters from each person. They were also sensitized about hand washing regularly not forgetting maintaining of the good hygiene and sanitation. The village was also encouraged of putting on local mask which they would afford .And also not to forget visiting the medical personnels in case of any medical problem. Towards the end of the sensitization all the members had practiced the social distance aspect and they were thanking the kibo staff and the h p m from the district. After all that David showed the residents once again the District hand pump Machenic and his roles in the entire district even their village. David encouraged the borehole committee to always be phone calling mr kabugo the district h p m in case of any problem as regarding the borehole. He always reminded the members that they should take the total borehole full ownership not again the kibo .Also not forgetting that it’s the villages,s initiative of maintaining the self full sustainability of the borehole . They were also reminded of always be contributing money towards the well. Later the kibo along with district hand pump they went ahead to open the head assembly and they removed the worn out ballbearing and fixed back the new ones . They also greased the chain to protect it from the too much friction and the rusting. Therefore the borehole started working more efficiently after the repair. However the kibo staff and the HPM noted that the borehole handle was getting worn out because of the worn out old ball bearings therefore David ,Steven along with the HPM called the borehole committee and showed them that due to the delay to change of the ballbearing again could repeatedly cause another problem. Therefore the members confessed that every after two years they will be changing of the other new ballbearings. Positively the members said that they were making bricks for the construction of the brick borehole fence. In a sense that they never wanted again to destroy the environment by the cutting of more borehole poles. They even promised to phone call the kibo whenever they hope to finish the burning of the bricks. In general according to to David’s observations on the side of hygiene and sanitation standards the village was good. Except for the some old facilities which had the need for improvements. 
Repair Notes
The younger kids who were at the well during the corse of the repair were taught the best way of how to pump the borehole 
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2020-07-07 - Purpose: The kibo staff will be monitoring on the work of the construction of the brick wall borehole fence.
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11401 As seen in the picture above is the district hand pump mechanic along with the kibo staff during the replacement of the worn out ballbearings of the borehole by the ones.