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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-06-26

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna went to Bubinga village to meet with the committee members concerning the way forward for the Life Skills Program During these Covid times. Overview When Lorna arrived the village, she found the committee members waiting for her. They exchanged greetings a word of prayer was said and the meeting was started, by the chairman welcoming Lorna back and Kibo in general since they were not sure when this covid will end so they meet again. The committee members were also happy to see her again. The chairman then invited Lorna to talk to them. Lorna greeted them once again and thanked them for keeping themselves safe. She asked them what are some of those things they are doing to keep themselves safe and they mentioned washing hands as this was evident since there was a jerrycan of water and soap at the clinic , they mentioned social distancing in the community and gave an example of how we were sitting , not touching their eyes and face among others. Lorna then asked them how this whole situation has affected them, they mentioned poverty and another challenge was the children not being able to study since they don’t understand what is being taught on the radios. When Lorna asked about vigilance of a new member in the village. They said anyone was free to come and even gave examples of the people who had just come in the village. Lorna asked the chairman and all the members to be careful and work together to see to it that these people are known and necessary precautions taken so as to avoid community transmission,They also suggested some ways in which their children can continue studying without being left behind. About poverty Lorna mentioned that it is everywhere and that we only can use what we have sparingly and help each other as we wait for the best. About resuming the Life Skills lessons, the members were happy and welcomed it and said they should start as soon as possible. Lorna threw to them the idea of meeting 2 groups of 8 people 1 hour each. They welcomed the idea very much and started booking themselves to be first. We were able to choose groups A,B,C, and D and group leaders and they promised to mobilize themselves. The chairman said this will be very effective as the community members will have no more excuses that they usually give. Conclusion The meeting ended after they had agreed on what group to go first and that was group A which will sit at the trading center and group B at the chairman’s place. Lorna thanked them for coming and told them to continue being vigilant and practice all the precautions put in place by the MOH and also instill the same in their children. 
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