Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Igerera B - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-06-26

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2020-06-29 05:41:38 UTC
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09:41-17:28 (7 h 47 m)
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12:31-15:17 (2 h 46 m)
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Water Community Meeting

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ownership and sustainability,water chain 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex had planned a visit to Butabira but decided to switch and went to Igerera B to have a meeting with water and sanitation committee members. Igerera B village started to use the new borehole during the COVID-19 lock down in March after they had completed building the wall fence. Because of the need for people to wash their hands and drink safe water, Alex contacted a sub county hand pump mechanic who went to Igerera B to connect the water so that the village people can start to use the water. Alex was very happy to see the well completed wall fence and thanked the village chairman together with the water user committee for the job well done. This is WASH’s demo project and we were very anxious to see how this will turn out before rolling out this idea to other villages. The water and sanitation committee members have been very active encouraging everyone to maintain the good sanitation in their homes and maintain the borehole compound. The water user committee still wants to build a sand box next to the borehole to help all people clean their Jerrycans before getting water from the borehole. Alex encouraged the committee to remain active encouraging people to pump the borehole with care and promote a safe water chain. People should get water from a clean borehole, using clean jerrycans and taking it to clean homes. This is the goal that kibo is aiming in their village and to eradicate all diseases related poor sanitation practices and dirty water. The water user committee was guided to dig the soak pit and to at an appropriate time when the government allows large gatherings, a village meeting will be held to guide the village to come up with the necessary borehole bylaws that will help in borehole management before officially commissioning this new borehole. WASH will now start to roll out this idea to all the villages where the kibo boreholes have been drilled or will be drilled after affirming that it’s the right way to go to substitute the wooden, pole fence that easily breaks down. Alex was able to get all what the village used to construct this fence and here is what the community used;1600 bricks, one trip os sand, 2 iron bars, 8 bags of cement and 120,000/= as labour cost. 
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2020-08-10 - Purpose: Guide the village to enact borehole bylaws and plan commissioning of the borehole
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Report Photos

11431 The new borehole recently drilled by Kibo in Igerera B and the borehole wall fence.
11434 Alex had a test of the water from the new borehole.
11437 Kamya Charles as the village chairman is a proud man and continues to thank Kibo group for empowering him and his entire village
11440 The village chairman, Kamya Charles and the chairman water user committee, Mugali Robert played a big role to mobilize the village to get all the necessary materials to construct the borehole wall fence
11443 The borehole compound is very clean and the water users are encouraged to pump the borehole with care at all times.