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Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2020-06-24

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2020-06-29 05:47:26 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham met five committee members and the purpose was to discuss a way forward for the program because they can meet as they used to do before Coronavirus. The members were so excited to see that Kibo is back in their village, the chairperson LC1 said that they are blessed because of Kibo going back they were not expecting in this time. Abraham told them that Kibo has been granted permission to go back and work with the villages but keeping government guidelines concerning Coronavirus. He asked them how that will be handled. The chairman LC1 said that they are struggling with burial ceremonies because even up to now many people gather and social distancing is a problem, he added that they are waiting for the government masks which they promised them by the government. He said that they will be meeting ten members and they are fifty members. They discussed and came up with an idea of meeting ten people and they will have five groups so that each group will be discussed so that they will combine all their suggestions to come up with one which they will be doing. All five groups will have one leader who will be guiding them and he or she will bring their ideas to the main leadership who will come up with how to do it and then take back to the all leaders Abraham encouraged the leaders to make local masks because they can not wait for the ones which the government promised them, someone may get sick now taking the sick person to the hospital you need to have a mask or in public transport also they need to have a mask. The chairman said that there is a trailer who can make for them at five hundred shillings. They discussed that Abraham and the leaders will check the trees the members planted in their homes 
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2020-07-15 - Purpose: To check the Mvule trees they planted in their homes
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11446 Kivule committee members and the chairman LC1 discussing a way forward for the program