Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Kagulu - Namutumba

Visit by Suzan Winnie on 2020-06-26

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2020-06-30 09:04:02 UTC
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2020-06-30 12:47:31 UTC
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Suzan went to Kagulu A to meet with both the local leaders and some committee members. The main purpose for the visit was to discuss about the way forward to the program continuation after the Covid-19 lockdown. When she got there, she found the leaders sitting under the tree while keeping social distance among themselves. Suzan was warmly welcomed to the village and together they sat down and exchanged greetings. There after, suzan thanked the members for taking good care of themselves especially during the Coronavirus crisis. The chairperson l.c 1 went ahead and said that some of the members in the community were strictly following the guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus while majority were still reluctant and seemed not to take the situation serious. The community just needed more sensitization concerning the current disease of Covid-12 especially among the youths who were finding it hard to keep social distance and to stay home. The chairperson also said that only a few members would put on their masks whenever they were going somewhere or traveling long distances while others complained saying it was so uncomfortable putting on masks the whole day. Suzan went ahead and explained to the leaders how it was very important to follow the guidelines for which it would prevent them from getting the virus and that it was their responsibility as the village leaders to see that all the community followed The World Health Organization instructions and guidelines. She asked the leaders if the community was ready to resume in the program activities and the leaders answered saying even some members had already begun repairing and reconstructing some of the facilities such as smearing their homes which was carried out by the family members and roofing their kitchens. It was agreed that the kitchens program would resume but strictly while following the Covid-19 guidelines. To avoid curfew time, the staff will be monitoring at least a few homes and advise the owners where necessary. The leaders supported the new ideas and the meeting came to an end. 
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2020-07-10 - Purpose: Follow up on the stove usage and smearing of the houses.
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11491 One of the kitchens in the village which needs to be re-roofed and repaired.