Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ibaako

Visit by Martin Kibuuka on 2020-06-24

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2020-06-29 14:05:37 UTC
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2020-07-01 12:32:17 UTC
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09:09-15:01 (5 h 52 m)
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
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Martin kibuuka and Chris visited Ibaako village after three months of lockdown, the purpose of the visit was to have a meeting with the community leaders to plan how the WASH team is gong to coordinate and work during this pandemic period. The meeting took place at the Chairman’s home who was present with his committee including the secretary, his deputy and the VHT. Top of the agenda was to first of all know how Covid had affected the way the community members had been associating so that kibo could adjust accordingly. The whole committee including the Chairman never had masks but thankfully kibo had provided 5 more extra masks which Martin gave out , the leaders thanked kibo for that gesture. The Chairman thanked kibo and welcomed the WASH team to help him in sensitizing the community to keep the government guidelines in preventing the spread of Covid 19 . The Chairman also said with the help of sanitation committee which was set up by WASH, he was able to form a Covid 19 sensitization team to help coordinate with the government in curbing its spread in the community. The Chairman hoped with the presence of WASH on ground, his work of encouraging the members to keep social distance, sanitizing , avoid being in crowded places and using masks in meetings would be simplified . The Chairman believed the kind of relationship and trust kibo has with the community members would make it easier for people to get the government message of keeping the guidelines. The Chairman also hailed WASH/kibo for empowering the VHTS in the community he said as a result of the empowerment, the VHTs have been able to encourage residents to build new toilets and set up hand washing facilities at every water station even in the absence of WASH team in the community. The VHT promised to move home to home informing every body about KIBOs willingness to resume its activities and there fore should get ready to welcome them. Martin thanked the Chairman for the work well done regarding coordinating with his committee very well, and therefore promised to visit home to home next week on Wednesday 1/07/2020 to check on the standards of sanitation facilities of every home. 
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2020-07-01 - Purpose: Home to home to observe the sanitation status of every home.
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11512 Chris and Martin discussing with the leaders how they hope to work during the pandemic period.