Mvule Community Development - Kitukiro - Buyende

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2020-07-01

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2020-07-01 13:27:19 UTC
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2020-07-01 14:19:21 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham met five community leaders together with the local council one chairperson and the purpose was discuss how they will be meeting in this Coronavirus period. The chairman LC1 thanked Kibo for going back to the community because he was not expecting it now, he said that he is willing to work with Kibo helping his community. He said that in Kitukiro village people are still ignoring government guidelines because what the is that they have not seen anyone sick of Coronavirus and he is sure that as Kibo has come back to their village will also help the government to pass the message about Coronavirus to the people. He also said that he is worried when they lose a community member because people come from all corners of the country for burial but they do not keep social distancing which puts the community in danger. The chairperson of the group said that they have been doing well especially keeping trees and only five trees died during lockdown out of four hundred they planted. She said that she was happy to receive a phone call from Abraham telling her that he is going to meet them. They discussed and agreed to have groups not more than ten following government guidelines and they are sixty five members in the group. She said that they are trying to get a copy of constitution so that they can learn the format of writing one for their village. Abraham thanked the leaders for continuing keeping the group together even in the lockdown, he told the meeting that he came so that they can discuss how they will go forward in this Coronavirus time. He told them that he agree with want they decided to have small group and then the leaders will meet and get the final solution for what they have discussed and also share with them in their small groups. He told them that he will get a copy of a constitution to help them get the format of writing one. He also told them to continue teaching people about Coronavirus especially wearing masks when they are with a group of people, going to the hospital because if you do not have one you can not board a public transport, was their hands with soap and also not to touch their faces. They are going to form those groups amongst themselves. Abraham reached back home in curfew time because a truck carrying sand got stuck in the middle of the road and it took him two hours to leave that place. 
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2020-07-08 - Purpose: To discuss how to start writing their constitution with the guidelines of other constitution of another village who finished writing one.
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11524 The truck carrying sand got stuck in the middle of the road and it took the mechanics two hours to remove it from the middle of the road and Abraham reached back home late in curfew time.