Mvule Community Development - Budumba - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-07-01

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2020-07-01 12:38:02 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex B met the Some Lc1 and VHT members of the village the way forward for MDC program. This is after Alex B being off from the community for some time because of COVID-19. The last visit was about demonstration of digging the holes for planting the trees. The chairperson of the village David welcomed everyone that attend the meeting. Those that attended the meeting were eight people.He said,that the ministry of healthy has put guidelines about about the corona virus. He reported as they have some challenges like lacking the masks for the people. The discussion was how to manage the program in the community while observing the guidelines that was put by the ministry of health.The members suggested to meet individuals in their homes.Some suggested to meet few at the usual meeting place. Alex B advised those attended the meeting that small group should be formed within the community.It will avoid the big gatherings since it not allowed by the government. There was a need to select three people to coordinate since the committee was not yet selected.The four people will be responsible for organizing the people in small numbers. These are the people that I will working with to see that all information I need to reach to the ground is delivered. Through these people I will be able to meet and talk to those small group until big gatherings will be allowed to resume. The people selected are: 1:Chairperson ————Paul Okanya. 2:Secretary. ————Edison Waibi. 3:Mobilize. —————,Fred Mutuju 4:Adviser Lc1—————-David Musodo Those that were select promised to work together for the development of their village and to avail themselves whenever will be required. The small groups are also to select one person that will be mobilizing them for gathering and such people will answerable to the four were the Lc1 is the adviser. 
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2020-07-15 - Purpose: To discuss with small group about the MDC program.
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11527 Those are are some of the VHT and the Lc1 of Budumba discussing the way forward for MDC program during the COVID-19 with Alex B from kibo group.