Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Naibowa - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-07-01

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2020-07-02 09:03:23 UTC
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Walyomu Alex 
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DWO,VHT,Parish Chief 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
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Alex met first with Kamuli district Water Officer to discuss about the next plans that kibo group have for two active villages in Kamuli district, (Naibowa and Ndhalike) and to find out if the district has put some measures in place that Kibo group have to follow while carrying out its activities in the district during this Covid-19 season. It had been communicated earlier through the community development officer, Butansi sub county that community activities by NGO’s had been suspended for sometime due to COVID and kibo group had backed off for the last few weeks. However last week, Roy Mwesigwa a kibo group office administrator made a visit to Kamuli district offices and was told that all NGOs were allowed to work in the district but have to just adhere to the government directives and ministry of health guidelines followed by everyone during this Covid-19 time. The district water officer, Mr Tom Waiswa told Alex that what kibo group was doing in the district is very essential service to all people are highly recommended to work in the community. Provision of water and sensitizing the villages about proper sanitation practices are very vital during this COVID pandemic. He pointed out that another NGO working in the district had drilled 10 boreholes during COVID-19 lock down and the district water officer continued to work normally and even carried out drilling of new boreholes and repairing broken wells in the villages of Kamuli. Kibo group plans to drill a new borehole in Naibowa and Ndhalike as well as continuing to encourage the village to maintain the sanitation standards. Alex then went to meet with the sanitation committee members and the village leaders to discuss on way forward having resumed work in Naibowa. The leaders were very happy to see kibo group back in the village and thanked Kibo group for having taught them about hand washing before coronavirus came in. The village people think that kibo group knew about the coming of the virus and started teaching/ encouraging them to wash their hands at all times and setting up hand washing facilities. By the time the government of Uganda announced that coronavirus had reached the country, majority of the people were already washing their hands after Kibo’s support with the small jerrycans. Washing hands as a measure to prevent the spread of the virus picked up quickly and thanked kibo people for teaching the village. Those that hadn’t yet constructed the hand washing stands in their homes quickly put up these hand washing stands. They told Alex that the village had maintained their good sanitation and almost every home has a hand washing facility. Alex told the committee that kibo group had been cleared to continue working in the district and would start from where they ended before the lock down. The leaders appreciated kibo group for the masks that were donated to them as sign to show that they are working together to prevent the spread of the virus. Alex will plan to go back and meet with the leaders to start introduction of the water program and the all the steps as wells as move home to home encouraging people to maintain the hygiene and sanitation standards. 
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2020-07-06 - Purpose: Introduce water program and home to home visit to encourage good hygiene and sanitation standards.
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Report Photos

11539 Alex W in a meeting with the sanitation committee members and other village leaders discussing about the next plans from Kibo group and the impact that the lock down had in their village
11542 Alex W and the leaders who were happy having received face masks from Kibo group to help them follow ministry of health guidelines while carrying out WASH activities in their village with Kibo group.
11545 Most of the homes in Naibowa have this kind of hand washing facility and received a jerrycan from Kibo
11548 A newly completed pit latrine belonging to the vice chairman of the village, Wilberforce and continues to thank kibo group for sensitizing the whole village to understand the values of proper sanitation and hygiene.