Mvule Community Development - Nabituluntu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-07-06

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Alex Bamulumbye
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2020-07-07 08:58:47 UTC
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Alex Bamulumbye
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2020-07-07 10:10:17 UTC
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10:00-17:08 (7 h 8 m)
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12:06-15:00 (2 h 54 m)
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4 h 14 m

Mvule Community Development lesson

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Alex Bamulumbye 
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The CDO of Nsize subcounty 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex B on his way to Nabituluntu went to Nsize sub county for that village. He had appointment with Enoch the CDO about the village before he could proceed to the village.This community has issues with leaders of in the village. When I arrived he found that he had not yet reported,but found Mather the parish chiefs for different parishes. He raised the CDO and said as he was at one of the new sub county where he is the acting sub county and the CDO. He was meeting community members for different reasons. He was posted to Nsize towards the COVD-19. Enoch arrived at the sub county after midday and even there were other people waiting for him for the meeting . Alex B was introduced to him by one of the parish chief. I told him as kibo group is working in Nabituluntu but with some challenges of the local leaders. I asked him as it would work good to go along with him in that village since he works as a community development officer in sub county. We discussed within about other village in Nawaikona sub county. He suggested that since he is new in those sub countries,it is better for him to go and visit those village where kibo group is operating. He also thanked kibo for the programs that are benefiting the communities. Alex B after proceeded to Nabituluntu and was after 1:30pm .He found Tulibagenyi the Lc 1 has left for burial. He waited for some time and became late for him since the burial took place at the neighborhood village.Being a local leaders,he was supposed to attend it .The network is poor in the village to the point they have position or places in the compound where they can access it. I found the wife told me about her husband and I could not access the network but I was advised to make calls in the morning because were they go to gardens,there is network. 
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2020-07-17 - Purpose: To the meet the local leaders for groups leaders.
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