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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-07-08

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Dangers of early pregnancy,Causes of early pregnancy,Dangers of early marriage 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, community members know what early marriages and early pregnancy is and know the causes and dangers. Possible solutions are also sought from among themselves.
Introduction Previously Lorna met groups A and B in this village of Nawampiti and they discussed on the causes, dangers, of early marriages including solutions. Today Lorna met with groups C and D concerning the same topic. Overview Lorna met with 2 groups C and D, D was mainly for teenagers and youth. The topic that was taught was Decision making and subtopic being Causes and dangers of early marriages and the solutions. Lorna mentioned that covid has opened our eyes to many things that are happening around us and has also given us an opportunity as a family to spend more time together however it has also birthed a lot of girls getting pregnant and married off early. Lorna stressed that it does not mean that this was not happening before it was but how can we make it better , how can we stop this from happening and the answers will come from our selves. Lorna mentioned she was not teaching this topic because the vice is happening in this village but before it happens to anyone what can we do to ensure we prevent our daughters , empower our sons from early marriages. Among the causes were; Bageya mentioned that girls admiring things has caused them a very big problem towards contributing to both early pregnancy and early marriages. He cautioned the parents to always talk to their children even when they don’t have so that they are content with what they have. Yacobo mentioned poverty, when one is poor and they cannot provide for their children whatever they need, sometimes the children are forced to go out and get these things fro themselves. However he said it is vice versa even those who are rich and have everything sometimes even their children get caught up tin these things. Lorna encouraged them that poverty was not going anywhere and that they just have to find a way to talk to their children so as to understand their state and when they get the money, they can always buy for this child whatever they want. About the rich parents Lorna mentioned that children need to be told that they are responsible for their actions and that everything they do has a consequence. Mariam mentioned parents who are rude when they are asked for supplies or basic needs at home and because of this they force their children to look for what they need also where and they end up being trapped. She also mentioned that still parents are a cause of this as they don’t want anyone talking bad about their children . When you tell them their children is involving themselves with men they say how does it concern you, it is not your child and therefore this forces the children to do whatever they feel like because they have support from their parents hence falling in the trap of early pregnancy and early marriages. Lorna cautioned such parents to stop doing that because they are only spoiling their children’s future. Jackson mentioned peer pressure, Seeing his friends having babies, getting married also this person to want to be like them. Fiona mentioned lack of basic needs like pads, School drop out, Adolesence and puberty stages also play a role in early pregnancy and early marriages. Others like Greed, family honour, ignorance among others Some of the dangers looked at were; Death during child birth, fear of antenatal visits since they are young, domestic violence, school dropout, sexual abuse,poor social skills, financial difficulties among others. Solutions -Lorna encouraged the parents to listen to their children and also vice versa. -Treat their children the same both girls and boys because each of them have different gifting skills and can be very important people in future. Girls are not brides. -Giving girls a second chance when they get pregnant. -having time to talk with their children so that they can open up concerning issues affecting them. -Arrest culprits -take children to School -All stake holders , pastors, sheikhs , Lcs should play their role in speaking against this vice .among others. Conclusion The youth group performed a song for Lorna which was in her lesson concerning HIV/AIDS . It was very encouraging to know that these teens and youth picked whatever was taught to them and the hope is they will use these skills for life. 
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2020-07-15 - Purpose: Meet groups C and D since Lorna left them with some homework on Abortion
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11755 Mariam was commenting on Causes of early marriage that there some parents who are so rude that when ask them for anything like basic needs they keep pushing you away and when you get someone who can provide for you why not go with them in the end the girl gets pregnant and it is the same parent who will send them into marriage.
11758 The youth group reciting a poem Concerning HIV/ AIDS from the knowledge they got from Lorna.
11770 Fiona also commenting on the topic of the day.