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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-07-15

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Early Pregnancy,Dangers of Abortion,Dangers of early pregnancy,Causes of early pregnancy,Dangers of early marriage 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community is aware of the causes, dangers/ consequences of early marriages to to the victims. By the end of the lesson the community knows that Abortion is Bad and why they should avoid them.
Introduction Lorna went to this village where she taught on Abortion; Causes and Dangers. Abortion is the removal of a foetus from the uterus resulting into death. Abortion in Uganda is illegal and punishable by law. Also that no one has a right to kill. Overview When Lorna arrived the community members were still in their gardens harvesting groundnuts. At the time the meeting started there were more teens and youth than the adults. Also the elderly persons had gone to the sub county to collect their elderly package . The meeting started with an opening prayer and after that the chairman’s remarks, they welcomed Lorna to teach them. Lorna picked on Yacobo to remind the group and those who had not attended the previous lesson on what was taught. Yacobo did a good job carrying out the revision which was also participatory. It was really good to see that there many teens in this meeting and this message despite the fact that everyone is a stake holder, they are the most affected and just hearing from each other as they shared what the causes, dangers of early marriages were to them was great. After the review, to Lorna’s surprise, the youth group mentioned that they had a drama to present .The drama presented was on the causes of early pregnancy and how some parents play a part in supporting early marriages through Bride price. The drama got the community members excited and even other young teenagers admiring and wanting to join the group. They laughed, cheered as they all nodded in agreement that is what exactly happens. Lorna thanked the Mink youth group and mentioned to the community members that everyone has a role to play as a community,as an individual to see to it that their village has no cases of early pregnancies or early marriages and that, the teens can wait until they are fully ready , physically, emotionally and old enough. They should report these cases and not accept bribes so as the culprit is punished. She also urged the parents to give their children second chances. Lorna also asked the teens to listen to their parents and also that every decision right or wrong they make has a consequence. After this they looked at the topic of the day Abortion,. Lorna asked if they have heard of any cases concerning abortion. The community said yes. Lorna asked them whether it was legal in Uganda and the said no . She told them carrying out an Abortion is another form of killing and God is not very happy about it. She also added that it is punishable by law; that is the person who carries out the abortion and that one who aids in this abortion is also imprisoned . They looked at some of the causes among which were ; peer pressure, fear of parents, fear of dropping out of School, rape, incest, aided by parent, not ready to become a parent , Shame, religion among others. Lorna spoke about the parents that aid their children that they are doing more harm than good to these children because what is the guarantee they won’t repeat this act by themselves, they might even be the ones encouraging others to do it. She asked these parents to stop. About not being ready , she emphasized that why do you play with fire when you know it will burn you. She encouraged the teens to not take shortcuts to life because there consequences. One man encouraged the fathers to also play their role in fathering these children, befriending their children so that they know the issues affecting them and support them. On the Dangers they mentioned, Death due to over bleeding, Chances of giving birth in future may be less, damaging the uterus due to the crude methods used in this time, contracting HIV/AIDS during abortion, hemorrhage, blood clots that might need operation, post abortion stress where they are asking themselves whether they made the right decision , guilt, among others. Conclusion Lorna stressed that why she teaches about this is to shun the act as evil and that prevention is better than cure that, if one avoided the early pregnancies,early marriages, they wouldn’t reach here. She encouraged everyone to play their role so as we have teenagers,grow into responsible adults who will inturn develop themselves and their families and communities at large. 
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2020-07-22 - Purpose: Lorna identified some young mothers in the meeting and she plans to meet them on this next week to know the challenges they are facing and encourage them.
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