Mvule Community Development - Maliga - Namutumba

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2020-07-17

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2020-07-20 06:27:21 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham and chris visited Maliga lower village to have an engagement with selected leaders. The leaders included the area chairman, the vice chairman, secretary, mobilizer and other two members. Maliga village is one of those villages who recieved mvule trees and goats and so this visit was aimed at engaging the group leaders and asses how the mvule program has impacted members socially and economically. The meeting was in line with Kibo’s strategy of engaging various stakeholders to appreciate and participate in the community development programs. The chairman was so excited to receive Abraham and chris ,he said the group had been so active ever since they were left to progress on their own. The chairman also thanked Kibo for making them realize that they can actually achieve a lot only if they work together and they have seen this come to pass that now the group is growing rice on a large scale. The chairman also thanked Kibo for the goats they recieved from it, he said this has boosted them economically because some members have bought cows and more goats out of that one goat each member recieved from Kibo and that now members are able to take some milk since goats milk is the most delicious one , he said members are now able to take their children to school because of that one goat each member recieved. The chairman also thanked Kibo for the mvule trees , he said they have turned their village so green and now they have a beautiful community. The chairman used that opportunity to encourage the members to take care of the mvule trees for the future generation. The chairman was so happy that what Kibo started as a small group has transformed the community into agro-business area because their group is now growing rice on a large scale , he said they were able to acquire a loan from worth 20 million shillings to buy the maize and rice milling machines and are now building were they will put the rice and maize milling machines. The chairman also said that as a community, they agreed to offer out soft loans to the members on a low discount, this is because Kibo taught them how to use their account well and be accountable to every money that comes out and goes in. Abraham was so excited and happy for what the group has turned into, he thanked the leadership of Mr bwiso the chairman and challenged other leaders to copy a leaf from him. Chris also added his voice on what Abraham had said and encouraged the group leaders to teach their neighboring community leaders to involve in large scale farming, he said this does not only develop them economically but socially since it brings together members . Abraham will go back to Maliga lower to continue engaging local leaders as they work towards setting up their group milling station. 
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2020-07-31 - Purpose: To meet with the group leaders to discuss about the progress of the group.
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11914 Chris,Abraham and the members standing at the construction site where the community members hope to put their milling machines.