Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kirwanire

Visit by Steven Kambale on 2020-07-20

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Steven Kambale
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2020-07-21 07:56:47 UTC
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Steven Kambale
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2020-07-21 09:47:10 UTC
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09:22-16:20 (6 h 58 m)
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11:56-14:09 (2 h 13 m)
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4 h 45 m

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Follow up on handwashing stations 
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Steven Kambale 
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Steven and Chris visited the village of kirwanire to continue with the follow up on construction of new hand washing stations. This follows a series of follow ups wash team has been conducting to encourage members build hand washing stations in their homes. Steven and Chris first went to the chairman p’s home to get an update of how the community is responding to the call. The chairman said some members have built but some are still in this gardens since the rain season is here, they are clearing their gardens. The chairman asked for more time to mobilize the members to build hand washing facilities which Steven accepted. Steven and Chris visited 34 homes however they found 13 homes missing the hand washing stations but encouraged them to build before next week. New toilets are still coming up and members of kirwanire lower are asking for more water as a result they wrote a letter to the district committing themselves to improve sanitation standards if that will prompt the government to give them safe water. Steven encouraged members who have no hand washing stations to build them to improve their health statuses. Steven will be going back to continue with following up the construction of sanitation facilities. 
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2020-07-27 - Purpose: Continue following up on construction of sanitation facilities like toilets,
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11935 Chris and Steven admiring new sanitation facilities built by the members of kirwanire.